Difference between Single Ended and Differential Inputs (DAQ System)

In Sensor Technology,You might have heard about Data acquisition systems (DAQ System). There is two type of Input systems one can be Single Ended and Differential Inputs. Here are some important difference between them.

Single Ended Inputs

Differential Inputs

  • Inputs  are given as a ground reference in device.
  • Inputs are given with without ground reference by connecting both positive and negative inputs of device.
  • Less Expensive
  • Expensive
  • Noise May be introduced  and cannot be removed if noise is injected in the signals.
  • Though Noise may be introduced in DI but it always calculate the difference between inputs noise introduced is neglected .
  • It supports Potentially less cabling
  • It supports potentially longer cabling
  • Have Less Inputs
  • Have More inputs


Single Ended Inputs in DAQ System

Single Ended



Differential Inputs in DAQ System

Differential Input


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