ATM Nepali Movie Official Trailer



Atm nepali movie yet another 16+ categorized movie . It is based on thriller and some unusual scene not suitable for age below 16 years.Atm is influenced by the trend of making movie based on “sex and thriller.” From the promo we can predict what exactly the movie will deliver a message to Nepali Movie arena. Nepali Directors are diverting the taste of Nepali Movie day by day due to these type of movie. They easily think that including these type of hot scene will hit the market which is very false.

For Now, Lets have a look over the trailer of this movie.

Movie: ATM Actor: Dinesh Karki, Jiya KC, Soniya KC, Sabina Sharma Cinematographer: Ratna Karki Action: Shankar Maharjan Editor: Dawa Sherpa Producer: Kusma Bhudathoki Director: Yadav Silwal