Best Happy Dashain 2069/2012 Wishes,Greetings,Sms,Message Collection


Happy Dashain 2069

Dashain or Bada Dashain or Dashai or दशैं 2069 /2012 is on our doorstep starting from next week. I wish you all Nepali in 3 words “Happy Dashain 2069”. I have previously collected huge no. of best dashain wishes for wishing your loved ones, family,friends, relatives and so on. In dashain most of we kill goats,chickens and other animal in the name of god.Please Stop Killing animal in cruel way. Lets celebrate this dashain in distinct way .Once again ,

((((((BOOM)))))) “ ****HAPPY DASHAIN**** “ ,.-´¨¯¨`-.¸-(_ Wishing You _)-,.-´¨¯¨`-.¸ ׺°””°º××÷•.•´¯•)» Å VË®¥ HåppY D@SH@iN «(•´¯`•.•÷×׺°”`”°º× Click below three links for awesome collection of messages . Happy Dashain Messages Collection 1 Happy Dashain Messages Collection 2 Happy Dashain Messages Collection 3