CyberSansar Owner arrested for selling pirated Movies


Police today raided the website office in Teku and arrested Deepankar Kasaju and Abhinav Kasaju, the owners, on charge of illegally duplicating and pirating copies of High Definition DVDs through Internet and other means and selling those to its subscribers. SP Ramesh Prasad Kharel, in-charge, Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka, said the Kasaju brothers had been taken into custody to investigate their involvement in pirating, movies, especially English ones, under the Copyright Act-2002. “The rationale of the investigation is obvious, as Nepal is a signatory country of World Trade Organisation,” said SP Kharel. Police also seized hi-tech equipment, including other evidences to support their claim. DSP Kedar Dhakal, Press Liaison Officer, MPR, said a special police taskforce had raided the office at around 6:15 pm and rounded them up. “Preliminary investigation suggests that Kasaju brothers used to issue yearly subscription for Rs 25,000 on behalf of and provide them with 300 copies of films illegally,” said DSP Dhakal. “They have been also found to be trading in pirated movies to single copy buyers through prepaid system without securing copyrights.” Kasaju brothers used to circulate the pirated movies from their office at Teku. A person shall be slapped a fine of up to Rs 1 Lakh or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months if found guilty, as per the Copyright Act. Despite these, the materials so published, reproduced or distributed or devices used to reproduce such materials shall be seized and compensation for the loss caused shall also be realised and provided to the copyright owner. The arrested are sons of Binaya Kumar Kasaju, chief commissioner, National Information Commission. Source :Himalayantimes