Forward Email in qmail on centos-Easy way to configure for beginners


forward email in qmailQmail is second most popular MTA in this universe. I have install qmail in one of my server for mail server . In my server there are more than 50 users. I need to forward mail from one account to another account which we can do by following steps. 1.Find out where you maildirectory is . E.G. /home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo [email protected] It will show the directory where you mail stores as , dir: /home/vpopmail/domains/3/ quota: NOQUOTA usage: NOQUOTA 2. Now go to that mail directory as below. cd /home/vpopmail/domains/3/ Now type “ls” which will display directories and files of the current folder. This is where you should create a forward file to forward from one address to another address. E.g. vi .qmail It will open and put your forward address in this file as below. &[email protected] /home/vpopmail/domains/3/ Now try sending one test mail you should receive both addressess.