How to fix Ispconfig pure ftpd 530 login authentication failed ubuntu Linux


I was getting authentication failed error in my webserver which runs on ISPCONFIG 3.I tried changing password many times from Ispconfig web console. But didn’t worked for me. I tried from ftp client (filezilla) and from my gnome-terminal too. While trying to connect error returned by server is ispconfing 3-pure-ftpd-mysql

User bikram OK. Password required PASS (hidden) 530 Login authentication failed

From googling I fixed the above error. The solution that worked for me is:

/etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf I’ve changed the line MySQLServer to MySQLServer localhost Restart pure-ftpd

Few weeks ago I faced Problem problem in establishing connection in ftp. Go through my older post of puref-ftpd here.