How to Install ImageMagick on Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric ocelot)


imagemagick logoImageMagick is Image Manipulation software. We can integrate ImageMagick with php for converting image/photos in different format.By default ImageMagick is not come in system We need to install it manually. My machine is based on Linux Ubuntu 11.1o oneiric ocelot.Installing ImageMagick In Ubuntu is very easier . There is only a couple of commands for installing and integrating with it with Php. Firstly , Install ImageMagick with following command in your terminal.

apt-get install imagemagick

Secondly , for working with php you need to install one extra package. Fire up your terminal and paste below command.

apt-get install php5-imagick

You are done!. For Sure You can check if your system have ImageMagick or not by simply creating php file with following code.

Now Check if you find ImageMagick .