Loot Nepali Movie watch online or download Links spamming on Internet


After overwhelming success of Loot Nepali Film in our Nepali Market ,Lloot nepal movieoot is now showing in Australia and America too . Till now Loot’s fund cross over 1.5 Crore Nepali Rupees. This is the only film loved by most nepali viewers though they have some negative comments. Due to huge success people around the world where loot is not premier yet now have been searching to watch online or d

ownload . Mostly People from UAE,India,Us,Australia and Uk are searching for Loot over the net. But its fact that till now Loot is not yet available on the Internet. I found loot in torrent site of around 4 Gb and thought to download. But after download success after around 15 days i came to know that its fake. Also download speed is quite low.

So dear Fans , I suggest you not to search over INTERNET now.You better spend few money for this awesome movie. Hope you wont regret spending your money.