[Solved]Infinite loop detected in JError in Joomla 1.7 + other version.


Joomla 1.7 logo“Infinite loop detected in JError “ was thrown by My Joomla after uploading all files in server.This morning I was uploading my joomla from local host to global server. O.S. of my local machine is Ubuntu 10.04 but the online server is based on Red Hat Linux. Firstly I changed the path of my logs and tmp folder . The path for tmp and log is different in Ubuntu and Red Hat which might create problem 500 error which i have already explained and gave solution for Joomla 1.7 500 an error has occurred return to control panel . For this error “Infinite loop detected in JError “ , most probable mistake might be in database connection. For me also it was same. I just checked and corrected database connection of my online server. The problem went off.