Balance Transfer Resumed in NTC Nepal

The Balance transfer which was stopped by NTC ( Nepal Telecommunication Corporation) from past few months is now resumed from yesterday.

Now you can transfer balance from NTC   prepaid to NTC  prepaid as before.

Here is the way to transfer balance.


For E.G.


Above is for transfering 10 Rs for the mobile no 9841708539.

Happy Transfering.

4 comments on “Balance Transfer Resumed in NTC Nepal”

  1. Samip says:

    how can I get security code, as slip that I got with sim is lost. is there any other way to find back my security code????

  2. row sun says:

    so how do i get the security code for balance transfer ?

    1. replyo says:

      Its the code in the slip you get when you got your SIM

  3. Aaa says:

    oho… afnai website

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