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JRE System Build Settings

How to use Greenfoot Projects within Eclipse

“How to import Greenfoot Project with in Eclipse ? ” This was my assignment task for the Distributed Programming. Greenfoot is especially design to make simple game using ...

List of Norwegian Universities / University Colleges For Master Study

Previously ,I wrote the article on How can you apply for the master program in Norway by yourself without consultancy. Now I thought to give the list of Norwegian Universities and University ...
Unity3D C#

[Solved] Write to text files with c# in Unity3D using StreamWriter

StreamWriter is very simple tool which let you to write your data into text files.This script is very easy to understand and working method which I have implemented in my Foxes and ...
Foxes and Rabbit Monte Carlo

Foxes and Rabbit Simulation Unity 3D using C # Tutorial

Monte Carlo method has been implemented in “lotka volterra predator prey model. I used this for Foxes and Rabbit Simulation in Unity 3D using C #.This is the step by step tutorial ...
Good Morning Ålesund , Norway

School , Assignment, Break and Work. This is Fun !!!

The Day is Friday !  My day started with this mind-blowing capture. And I guess how the day is going to be exciting. Quickly I prepared for myself and moved to the school. Currently, ...
My Lord Ganesh Set up for Laxmi Puja

How Nepali students celebrated Tihar in Ålesund, Norway

I moved from Porsgrunn to Ålesund in this August. Here I have joined Master in Simulation and Visualization in Høgskolen i Ålesund. We are only six students studying here in this ...
Galton Board Unity 3D

Galton Board Unity 3D Tutorial for Beginners with C# Script (Step by Step)

The Galton Board is also called as quincunx or bean machine. This device is used to perform statistical experiments. This is very useful for simulation probability distributions (binomial). ...
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