How to Clear Mac Address Table Cisco Switch (Vlan,interface,address)

Cisco Switch are widely used allover the world. For clearing mac addressing in cisco switch for dynamic here are easy steps for them.

IF You are login to your cisco switch. Then simply type following.

1.GISP_WEB#clear mac address-table dynamic ?

You will see following option

address    address keyword
interface  interface keyword
vlan       vlan keyword
Now according to your requirement You can clear you mac address table.

For Example IF You are going to clear mac addres of vlan 213 . Your command should look like this.

GISP_WEB#clear mac address-table dynamic vlan 213

Similarly You want to clear interface’s mac ,

GISP_WEB#clear mac address-table dynamic interface fastEthernet 0/1

clear mac address table cisco switch

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