Cpu Throttling Bluehost Cpanel WordPress Problem [How to Fix]

I have been using Blue host Shared hosting from November 2012 . I am hosting my 10 + domains  with decent traffic. First month it went well and at the mid of December I started getting CPU Throttling which became great headache for me. Since I don’t want to change the hosting plan and want to stick with this plan. I start implementing techniques to get rid of this. I  customized all my WordPress site for fast loading using CDN services and optimizing images also.By doing this it worked more better than previous but not worked well as I wish. Mostly Bluehost Server get busy at Night time (At my place). I requested and talk with customer support many times they replied me that focus on how to optimize your blog . I am so much headache that I get more than 90 + in Google page speed score. More than this I cannot do more for my blog. I repair and optimize all of mysql databases but bad luck for me.Cpu Throttling Bluehost WordPress

The solution I did to get rid from this Problem is :

Delete Large File Stored and Reduce No of Directories.

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  1. So you’re saying that removing big files was the fix? The issue has nothing to do with WordPress at all?!

    I’m currently fighting with BlueHost and doing everything I can to optimize WordPress and nothing helps.

    This is the first time I’ve heard anything about files.