How to install Jdownloader in Ubuntu 12.04

Jdownloader is yet another powerful download manager available for Ubuntu Linjdownloader logo ubuntu linuxux. It is used by many people who love ubuntu. You can set download/upload and maximum simultaneous download. Just You need to copy url of download path and paste in the software download starts immediately. Jdownloader can be installed in two ways Deb and from script.

1.From script

  • wget
  • chmod +x
  • ./

Execute above command in your terminal step by step.

2.From Deb Package and PPA Method.

Download deb package from here.

Double Click recently downloaded .deb package . By default it will open from Ubuntu software center. Else You can execute following command in terminal.

dpkg -i filename.deb

jdownloader ubuntu download


Another way you can install from terminal is by adding source list .

Add following two lines in your sources.list

deb precise main 
deb-src precise main

and save your sources.list Now update your source list by executing “apt-get update” Then to install jdownloader in your system type “apt-get install jdownloader” on your terminal.


2 comments on “How to install Jdownloader in Ubuntu 12.04”

  1. george says:

    This worked for me. Installed and started it up.
    However, Jdownloader does not show up in the program menu when I search for it. There are no buttons for it in the unity launcher or anywhere else. It seems that I have to start it by going to terminal and typing ./  It starts up then, but I have to keep that terminal window open.

    1. josses says:

      I usually use “gedit filename &” so that I haven’t keep the terminal open. Maybe you could use “./ &” too.

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