I Wish U R Wid Me…

I wish u r wid me..I wish you are with me
With ur hug under d shadow of tree..
Making my day wid smile..
Always wid u, no distance of mile..

One night u came as nightmare..
Making me frightening, its nt fair..
Searching u in d sky turning round n round..
Wid ur absence, screaming wid my kneels down..

I still remember ur smile making me crazy..
It’s u wid whom wanna to b busy..
So many things to share..
Wanna give u love n care..

How enjoyable u n me playing in rain..
forgetting all sorrows n pain..
Oh lord! Please hear my plea..
It’s only wish, give my luv wid me..

One comment on “I Wish U R Wid Me…”

  1. rojita thapa says:

    haha nice ….but for whom????

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