Nepal Telecom launching cheapest iphone 4 worth price 15000 only

As from Press release,Nepal Telecom giant is launching 4G I-phone shortly.Nepal Telecom Iphone 4gNepal Telecom gave interest to Apple after establishing relation with Blackberry. For launching Iphone NT has already tied up Non disclosure agreement with Apple. This is first step of launching Iphone in Nepal.The normal price of I-phone starts from 600-700 $. But when there is agreement between two parties , the price will be cheaper. There will be lock system while launching I-phone in Nepali market.Lock Sytem is made by apple by itself for blocking second user’s sim. For using second’s sim ,it needs to be unlocked.I-phone is available in 16-32gb in foreign market.But in context of our country , NT is launching 8gb capacity which will be sufficient for Nepali users.


20 comments on “Nepal Telecom launching cheapest iphone 4 worth price 15000 only”

  1. J-A-YES-YES says:

    really is it true or just a joke???? if it is true then m really very excited to buy that iphone 4. when ntc is launching the iphone 4??? ntc please do it fast i cant wait.

  2. darren says:

    its totally crap.they have break d agreement

  3. DIGIHAZARD says:

    This cant happen at all, IOS itself would cost that much(around 120GBP), and apple giving us the hardware+software at a same price is not possible at all. Apple mula last kanjoos cha… baru afno geda futaula, kam dam ma saman bechdaina… mind it, aas nalinu hai kohi ni, malai ta patyar lagdaina

    1. Anonymous says:

      iOS is totally free….and abt NTC launching iphone in Nepal for only 15000 could be true because, apple has been manufacturing iphones for poor countries with less specs and lesser price…

  4. Apil niraula says:

    wow i wana bye NT i phone now when can i get it i am ready to go their to by?but is it 15000 Rs or $                              

  5. Upretidipu422 says:

    yar yo kailai auni ho aha chito laununa iphone kina bhanaira pakhi rachu natra pailai htc mobile kin thi .please launuch fast .when r u launching///?????????????????????????????????

    1. Bikramkawan says:

      bholi timro ghar ma aucha tare rat bahari kukur jhai bhuka

  6. utv says:

    yeslai kei tharainacha

  7. utv says:

    yeslai kei tharainacha

  8. Vishal says:

    dude i have this i m waiting i phone for long time so when it is being launched serously

  9. kabi says:

    wow… when will come Iphone in Nepal. I’m waiting for this moment…..

    1. I have heard that NTC have cancelled this . I am not sure.

  10. Keshavrocks11 says:

    dherai bhaisakyo kureko kahile aune ho?

  11. Sunny_hyolmo143 says:

    dherai kurayo ali chito launch garaun nata ek dam goji chilai rahae6 15000 tirna lai   fst fst      ntc ntc

  12. Mr. Sedai says:

    hey guys it is not same what you are thinking……it is chip iphone4 producing for developing country. it would be product of china or korea…. anyway good to have iphone4 8GB in nepal.

  13. mediakd says:

    Rs. 15000 only?  How come  it’s possible?
    Anyway, let’s see…

    1. By signing both parties under several conditions it might be possible. Anyways we need to wait for that beautiful moment.

  14. Hope , NT will convert guff into true.

    1. Ranieks says:

      thik yar nepali ko kura veda bakhra ko………..

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