Top 10 most viewed nepali websites 2011 as ranked by alexa

I have prepared list for 10 top most viewed nepali website as ranked by alexa. Most of sites were releated to news portal. Among these ekantipur stood first.Out of ten seven are news portal dedicated for giving news through online of Nepal and Abroad.I have collected list from ranking website alexa. Alexa ranks site according to visit for the respective site.















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  2. In nepal only people uses news blog and social site, Beside them we also have to give importance to educational portals, book blogs and such website which helps to improve the mentality of Nepalese internet users and we must do some effort to introduce in Nepali Society. Here is the blog (Nepal’s best blog for +2) which is non profit blog which is concentrated in providing Reference Notes to the students freely and more easily. May you write next article on “Top educational Site in Nepal” and include this web blog on your list” Thank you. Please keep posting and feel free to visit that website.

  3. NShakya says:

    you may include http:/// This website looks good.

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