How I Apply in Norway University For Master Study [updated]


You can apply for Norwegian Universities for Master Application by Yourself.Boycott Consultancy and save that Money for Flight :) Norway is coolest and education system is highly appreciated allover the worldwide.For more about Norway you can get tons of information on Internet.Let me come to the point. how to apply in norway for study Click Here to Find the List of Norwegian universities offering Master Program Click Here for Sample of Statement of Purpose (Motivational Letter) Step 1: Generally The admission (Online Form ) submission open from last week of November and till last mid of February.Never apply from any consultancy all of them are crap. And I am one of the victim of Cross Country Consultancy Nepal.Firs Of all You need a postal address of your own. Go to near postal service or Everest Postal Care to create one of yours. Read from here for online application website. Step2: From Where I can search course and how to apply ? You can search it from Google. But you better search from . This website contains all of the information regarding how to apply,which college to apply and list of course available through the Norway.Just you need to put keywords for which subject are you going to try , the website will display all the possible course that matches with you. For example, If You are Mechanical Engineering Student and searching to do Master on Control Engineering. Just throw Control in search field it will list all the universities available with that course. Step 3:What documents are required ? -Statements of Purpose -Reference Letter from College Head -Reference Letter from Head Of Department -Experience Letter If You Have -All Academic Certificates (SLC,+2 and Bachelor) with attested. -IELTS Score (6.0+) You need to upload all these documents in the Soknadsweb.

Step 4: What to do after Positive Reply ? So you got the reply from one of the university. Congratulation to You!. Then Prepare following important documents. You need to verify you educational documents or other documents form Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Respective Educational Certificates should be attested from same department.For SLC and Plus Two you need to go Sano Thimi. And For Bachelor You need to go to your respective university central Office. Then take those attested documents in Ministry of Education and finally you need to go to Ministry Of Foreign Affairs to verify.During Verify of Your documents each page should be stamped with the logo of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs . If Your documents have both side then you need to make print on both side of the page.Meanwhile You should apply for accommodation(Do not Forget !). You should check your email regularly for the time when to apply for accommodation as specified by your university.If You are coming here . Generally You can book for accommodation from this site Also You need to go Kitab Khana of BabbarMahal to translate your citizenship. It simply stands for “Nagarikta Translation”. Prepare No Objection Letter from Ministry of Education ( Opens only till 12.00pm). After preparing No Object Letter You can deposit amount as per your college requirements. Normally it will be around 93000 Nok (Norwegian Kroner). The amount can be deposited from Nepal Investment Bank , Durbarmarg (have good experience) also you can try from Bok and ask if your other selected Bank do such types of Task or not.And after some time you will get mail regarding the amount deposited in one of the Bank of Norway.

Now You Ready to apply for Visa ?

Step 5: Where to go for applying Visa ? You can apply for Visa from VFS situated in Naxal , Kathmandu.In Brief you should have following documents. Checklist of Your Documents. College Acceptance Letter ( 2 Copies) AccommodationAcceptance (2 Copies) Slip of Amount Deposited in Norway (2 Copies) IELTS ( 2 Copies) Educational Certificates (2 Copies) Nagarikta (Citizenship Translation(2 Copies) Passport (2 Copies) If You have any confusion , drop your comments below. I will help as much I can. Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Ielts is compulsory.
  • You must have four year bachelor program or 16 years of education. (3 year Bachelor and a year in Master maybe)
  • The college will ask you or you can ask them by email whether you need to send your original attested document or not.
  • You can send documents from courier services like Fedex, DHL and I think cost will be around 1500 Nrs.
  • You can apply as many university as you it is relevant to you Bachelor.
  • You need to check by yourself if the selected program is offering scholarship or not .To be sure just send email to the college help desk they will reply you within one day.Also you can call them directly they are happy to receive phone calls (08:1500) Norwegian time .
  • You don’t need to show any financial documents like Bank / Property.You need to transfer the money to the bank of Norway after you received the offer Letter. How to transfer and when to transfer it will be informed by university.
  • The money you transfer is for your living expense. It is not for tuition fee and you don’t need to pay any money for tuition fee.