List of Norwegian Universities / University Colleges For Master Study


Previously ,I wrote the article on How can you apply for the master program in Norway by yourself without consultancy. Now I thought to give the list of Norwegian Universities and University Colleges (State university) which offer Master program in different faculty for free tuition fee. I have prepare the list in which you can download from here. After you are interested in subject from any university , you need to apply online. Generally online applications should be applied from Soknadsweb ( .Then you will see a drop down menu from where you can select your desired university. Some colleges are not included in this list. If the college which you want to apply is not listed in drop down menu , Just Google for that. For example NMBU is not listed. Keyword “ NMBU Soknadsweb “. You can start applying from the beginning of November. Links: List of university / University Colleges of Norway for Master Read the article on How to apply for Master program in Norway. Sample of Motivation Letter Comments/ Suggestion are welcome.