How to Run Teamviewer 7 as Root in Ubuntu Linux


Teamviewer is one of the most powerful tool for controlling remote computer . TeamviewTeamviewer 7 Ubuntu Linux Icon Logoer is available for windows ,Linux,Macos and iOS.Recently I have installed Teamviewer 7 in my Ubuntu 12.04 . Normally I use regular user “bikram” to log in but I have also enabled Root Login in Gui on Ubuntu 12.04 . In root , I simply cannot run Teamviewer might be due to security purpose. For this , I have made tweak to run Teamviewer 7 whenever I login from root user.

These are steps I did ,

  • Execute vi /opt/teamviewer/teamviewer/7/bin/wrapper or can use any text editor like gedit,nano.
  • Find this line “validate_user # die if root”.
  • Comment above line with has(#) like “#validate_user # die if root”.
  • Now restart your Teamviewer .

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