How I Apply in Norway University For Master Study [updated]

You can apply for Norwegian Universities for Master Application by Yourself.Boycott Consultancy and save that Money for Flight 🙂 Norway is coolest and education system is highly appreciated allover the worldwide.For more about Norway you can get tons of information on Internet.Let me come to the point.

how to apply in norway for study

Click Here to Find the List of Norwegian universities offering Master Program

Click Here for Sample of Statement of Purpose (Motivational Letter)
Step 1:
Generally The admission (Online Form ) submission open from last week of November and till last mid of February.Never apply from any consultancy all of them are crap. And I am one of the victim of Cross Country Consultancy Nepal.Firs Of all You need a postal address of your own. Go to near postal service or Everest Postal Care to create one of yours. Read from here for online application website.

Step2: From Where I can search course and how to apply ?
You can search it from Google. But you better search from . This website contains all of the information regarding how to apply,which college to apply and list of course available through the Norway.Just you need to put keywords for which subject are you going to try , the website will display all the possible course that matches with you. For example, If You are Mechanical Engineering Student and searching to do Master on Control Engineering. Just throw Control in search field it will list all the universities available with that course.

Step 3:What documents are required ?

-Statements of Purpose
-Reference Letter from College Head
-Reference Letter from Head Of Department
-Experience Letter If You Have
-All Academic Certificates (SLC,+2 and Bachelor) with attested.
-IELTS Score (6.0+)

You need to upload all these documents in the Soknadsweb.

Step 4:  What to do after Positive Reply ?
So you got the reply from one of the university. Congratulation to You!. Then Prepare following important documents.
You need to verify you educational documents or other documents form Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Respective Educational Certificates should be attested from same department.For SLC and Plus Two  you need to go Sano Thimi. And For Bachelor You need to go to your respective university central Office. Then take those attested documents in Ministry of Education and finally you need to go to Ministry Of Foreign Affairs to verify.During Verify of Your documents each page should be stamped with the logo of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs . If Your documents have both side then you need to make print on both side of the page.Meanwhile You should apply for accommodation(Do not Forget !). You should check your email regularly for the time when to apply for accommodation as specified by your university.If You are coming here . Generally You can book for accommodation from this site
Also You need to go Kitab Khana of BabbarMahal to translate your citizenship. It simply stands for “Nagarikta Translation”. Prepare No Objection Letter from Ministry of Education ( Opens only till 12.00pm). After preparing No Object Letter You can deposit amount as per your college requirements. Normally it will be around 93000 Nok (Norwegian Kroner). The amount can be deposited from Nepal Investment Bank , Durbarmarg (have good experience) also you can try from Bok and ask if your other selected Bank do such types of Task or not.And after some time you will get mail  regarding the amount deposited in one of the Bank of Norway.

Now You Ready to apply for Visa ?

Step 5: Where to go for applying Visa ?

You can apply for Visa from VFS situated in Naxal , Kathmandu.In Brief you should have following documents.
Checklist of Your Documents.
College Acceptance Letter ( 2 Copies)
AccommodationAcceptance (2 Copies)
Slip of Amount Deposited in Norway (2 Copies)
IELTS ( 2 Copies)
Educational Certificates (2 Copies)
Nagarikta (Citizenship  Translation(2 Copies)
Passport (2 Copies)

If You have any confusion , drop your comments below. I will help as much I can.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Ielts is compulsory.
  • You must have four year bachelor program or 16 years of education. (3 year Bachelor and a year in Master maybe)
  • The college will ask you or you can ask them by email whether you need to send your original attested document or not.
  • You can send documents from courier services like Fedex, DHL and I think cost will be around 1500 Nrs.
  • You can apply as many university as you it is relevant to you Bachelor.
  • You need to check by yourself if the selected program is offering scholarship or not .To be sure just send email to the college help desk they will reply you within one day.Also you can call them directly they are happy to receive phone calls (08:1500) Norwegian time .
  • You don’t need to show any financial documents like Bank / Property.You need to transfer the money to the bank of Norway after you received the offer Letter. How to transfer and when to transfer it will be informed by university.
  • The money you transfer is for your living expense. It is not for tuition fee and you don’t need to pay any money for tuition fee.


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  1. Buddhi says:

    It’s safe if u are doing everything on your own, Without any third person between you and university. The university sends invoice to you if you are accepted. You need to have NOC to transfer the money, without NOC bank will not transfer funds.

  2. Roman says:

    Hi there
    I had applied to 7 universities for Masters Degree in Norway and all of them rejected me, said that I am not qualified for there courses. FYI, I have 65% in my Master’s Degree, 7.5 in IELTS and 660 in GMAT, and I smell racism here.

  3. hello sir, i am planning to apply for Norway and all your suggestion is clear except the bank transfer. So please once again would you please explain me in detail about money transfer and is it risk doing own transferring such a big money. Please help

  4. Roji Thakur says:

    university of oslo ma masters in public health ko.apply garda nai financing ko documents bujhaunuparcha?

  5. Hemraj says:

    Hello bro i am also trying from cross country what it will do

  6. Alisha Karki says:

    I have completed my two years B.N. (Bachelors in Nursing) from Purvanchal University and one year Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology from T.U. I have scored 6 in IELTS. Am I eligible to apply for Masters with my dependent?
    Please suggest me some Masters courses which fits to my qualification.
    Thank you

  7. Sabin says:

    Hello sir, I am planning to apply to oslo and ntnu for 2018 intake and in their application requirement they need financial documents too. Do we need to show bank statement of some months or one day balance certificate will work … Thank you

  8. Binita uprety says:

    Hi there! Could you please tell me about transcript detail?do I need provisional,migration and character certificate as well of bachelor applying for masters apart transcript?

  9. keshav chettri says:

    how much percentage is require in +2
    to study in norway

  10. Himal says:

    Hello , I hav completed masters in literature from tribhuvan university. Can I apply for masters again ??? And what about the post work program in Norway??

  11. Dipesh says:

    Bro I wanna study in Norway in NTNU. I’m currently in 12th. Just wanted to ask how much do we have to score to get accepted there? Reply appreciated

  12. Srijana kunwar says:

    Hlo sir i have master degree from management n ielts 6 … for this year one college rejected me by asking letter of certification of master… is it necessay…. earlier i appilef from consultancy…. now i want to apply myself…. can u let me know in how many colleges i can apply… and how can i write statement of problem for social science studies…. also can i apply for gender studies….

  13. Buabeng antwi solomon says:

    Please ,I have finished my Bsc , and the medium of instruction is English so should I write English proficiency examination before apply for my master.

  14. Shriju says:

    What about the language, norwegian language is mandatory?

  15. sajeeta subedi says:

    sir i have done bachelor and passed 1st year masters now waiting 2nd year result i have done ielts and score 6 in overall whether there is chance to go or apply there

  16. srijjan says:

    sir i have completed my bachelor’s degree in microbiology and i got 6.5 in i eligible for norway?

  17. Are you applying now? I am thinking of applying to Norway for Masters in Computer Engineering and I have IELTS score of 6.0. Can we talk?

  18. Kaushal says:

    Hi, bikram sir I received offer letter from business school from Norway for bachelor but my previous qualification is from humanities, now MOE is denying for no objection letter saying that I cannot study business there… any suggestions

  19. Nitesh Thapa says:

    Is anyone out their who is applying in University of southeast norway porsgrunn

  20. sandeep says:

    I have received an offer of admission. but my IELTS result has been expired now so is this will be any problem while applying VISA to embassy ? can you please let me know. Thanks

  21. Jeewan says:

    Hi Mahesh

    I suggest you to take all your acadamic transcripts, marksheets & certificates.
    Also please check if you have all the documents as per the UDI checklists. Refer the mention link below as well.

    I hope it was helpful to you

  22. Mahesh says:

    Hy, I am applying for visa and someone told me I need certificates from slc and +2 as well. I thought those certificates were marksheet and certificate from school. Do I need to prepare those 2 certificates as well or certificates from school is good enough? Actually, I am going to Vfs this week.

  23. puri says:

    Hi Bikram, is dependent visa possible for Norway?

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hi,I have answer to your query. Yes dependent Visa is possible.
      Check the following links for more information.

  24. ramesh kc says:

    I have 60% aggregate score in BSCCSIT. Am i eligible to apply for masters in system and network administration ?

  25. You can convert into Euro ..It won’t be problem

  26. Nitesh Thapa says:

    Is there anyone applying for University College of Southeast norway for this intake in porsgunn

  27. Nitesh Thapa says:

    Hi, Rayan Raut its me Nitesh Thapa from chitwan I am the one whose is applying for this intake in University of South East Norway ,Porsgunn

  28. Rayan Raut says:

    Is anyone there applying for University college of southeast norway for this intake.

  29. Rayan Raut says:

    Is anyone applying for University college of southeast Norway, Kongsberg for this intake.

  30. Vineet says:

    Hello! Where can I learn Norwegian Language?

  31. tulsiram says:

    norway ko lagi student visa kati duration ko lagi huncha. short duration ko lagi vaye pachi k garnu parcha visa extend garna ko lagi

  32. Manjil says:

    I want to study masters in hydropower development in NTNU in 2018 (completed BE mechanical) and i am trying to build my portfolio by working for in hydropower sector in nepal.Can you tell me how much will it help me to get admitted there and how can i improve my chances of getting selected there??

  33. akash says:

    i am applying need to show financial document equlvalent to bank doesnot certify in NOK, they can certify in USD,AUS,EURO bt not in NOK, IS there would be problem if i do in EURO equivalent?

  34. i want to contact u plz send me your Fb link

    1. Please drop your message here.

  35. I have heard that those who have completed their masters in English M.A. and M.ed.can apply without IELTS, IS this true?

    1. I am not sure about. Would you try to email the uni ?

  36. Sobit Thapa says:

    I have completed my bachelor in computer engineering from pokhara university.. i want to join masters in computer science or masters in IT or related courses.. what are requirements for that ???

  37. DEEPA says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am thinking about to apply for my double masters in Nowagian University however I have not decided college and course because I am worried about my ielts score it’s 6.0 in slw and 5.5 in reading. I have completed my MA in English and GPA is around 3.5. So please suggest me.

  38. Subash says:

    Plzz,Email Me How to apply in Norway University for Bachelor Study

  39. raj says:

    Hey, i completed my Bachelor in Science in Physics and i took my GRE exam. Is it compulsary to have IELTS ?? as i was planing for TOEFL? And will it be good if i try for MSc?? And what are the possibilities of getting job at Norway?? As you know Nepalese students, most of them seek for good education with proper career with good job?

  40. Binita says:

    Hello Bikram,
    Is there any possibility to study abroad with 3 years BBS degree with an average of 43%?? please suggest..

  41. Pravendra Maharjan says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Pravendra Maharjan. I have been waiting for my MSc 2nd year results. I wanted to apply for NOrway but since i dont have my results yet, I cant apply this year. I have completed my masters in medical microbiology. Do i have to wait till next October to apply again???

  42. Jeewan says:

    Hei Ashok,

    Every university has their requirements of applications and acceptance procedure.
    As per your mentioned marks you could be eligible to apply for the masters. However
    you need to check the requirements of the university. So my suggestion for you is to make the
    list of the university that you want to apply and check its eligibility criteria for applications.

    Well there can be the possibilities of acceptance as well, so stay positive and good luck.

  43. ashok acharya says:

    i had complete my bachlor degree(bba) in 2014 with cgpa 3.09 ,ielts score 6 ,gmat 440 and work experience as accountant 1 year . what is the possibility to accept for master degree .i am intrested to apply in norway
    thank you

  44. bhawana says:

    thanks for ur suggestions,do all the consultancies act the same as u mentioned and could u plz snd me the actual cost needed till we get the visa.

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hei Bhawana,

      This is Jeewan here and I have some information for you,

      You will be doing it by yourself indirectly if you choose the consultancy. Burdens on you will be the same. Therefore Its better if you apply by yourself further you can save nearly 1 lakh consultancy fee if you do it by yourself what you require is bit patience and dedication.

      In lump sum if you do it by your self total cost till you reach Norway including all the tickets and your personal shoppings, Visa fees will not exceed 17 Lakhs (Including 1 year Living cost in Norway).
      So, all the best.

  45. Trisam Sapkota says:

    Hi Bikram bro I’m wiiling to apply for norway for undergraduate studies in Nord university in Biology science. And i have given Toefl test. Specially I want to know how much time consuming is the process of applying and necessities to apply. And i got confused what to do in sumiting online application and sumitting documents. Sould we verify our documents before doing online application? Please help.

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hei, Trisam
      This is Jeewan and below are some of my suggestions to you regarding your queries.

      For submitting documents online it is not required to be verified. You can scan the original copies and upload it to the application portal. Regarding time consumption of admission process you can find the semester start and application deadlines and tentative admission results in the university website.
      Good Luck,

  46. Tamang Bimala says:

    My name is Tamang Bimala. I’m from Nepal but right now I’m studying some vocational classes in Japan. It has be 2 years that I completed my 3yrs bachelors degree in management with main subject finance from Nepal. Right now I just want to complete master degree in English in Norway. I also gave ielts in Japan just got score of 5.5. Is it possible to apply from Japan to study in Norway. What can I do please help me and give me some suggestions. I’m so eggar to hear some good information.

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hei Bimala,

      Well 3 years Bachelor is just not enough to apply for masters program In my view. However as you have mentioned about your vocational classes also so may that will help to cope up your study year. So, its better to check the University websites and requirements for international applicants. Yes it is possible to apply from Japan as the application is taken online. But I cannot say how easy is it to come directly from Japan and there should also be Norwegian / Denmark embassy for processing of Visa applications for Norway. For IELTS score Please check University requirements. You can search list of the university in Norway from wikipedia.

      All the best.

  47. pitambar gurung says:

    ka foreign affair stamp garxaa taa

  48. Sachin says:

    I have given TOEFL
    Does it work or not? i have 91 in TOEFL

    1. Jeewan says:


      The Score for TOEFL and IELTS requirements can be obtained from the University Website,
      you can check the universities list of Norway In Wikipedia and go the respective university
      page. You can find the TOEFL and IELTS requirement there. Good Luck Sachin

  49. UMESH says:


    1. Jeewan says:

      Hi Umesh,
      This is Jeewan , In this case the Certificate may refer to the original Certificate issued by the University. The one that we get during Convocation. The university will provide you certainly. If you have have just completed and waiting for the certificate than you can write email to the university you are applying to consider the provisional certificate stating the unavailability of the original certificate but you must show them later on. The university provides the original certificate get it. Ok good luck.

  50. Rachana Karki says:

    Hi, do i need to show bank balance for Norway, if i am not trying for scholarship. Is this a new rule to show bank balance??? Please suggest me.

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hi Rachana,
      This is Jeewan I would like to share some ideas regarding your queries, To apply for Norway you must show the Bank statement at first during the application process that statement must be uploaded to the student portal with other scanned copies of documents (acadamic certificates) . The bank statement should state that you have the NRS. Value of money that is equivalent to 103950 NOK. The bank account can be either your own or your parents stating your relations. Later on if admission is provided to you you need to deposit nearly the same amount of money after you accept the admission. Hope this will help you, All the best.

  51. JIT BH CHETRY says:

    Dear friend
    I am Jit Chetry from Chitwan. when I looked at the checklist, I found that the student portal asking scan copy of education documents. They are not asking attested documented. Does it mean that I don.t have to get my documents attested from the respective boards and universities?

    1. Jeewan says:

      Hi, This is Jeewan,

      I just wanted to answer your queries jit.
      The attested documents from respective boards and universities depends upon rule of the
      university to which you are applying but its later on process. For now just to upload on student portal you dont require the attested copies. So you can upload scan copies of the original certificate to the portal. Let me know if it is helpful, Good luck.

  52. Zenis says:

    Hi, i have done 3 years bachelors course(BscIT) from UK. Will universities of Norway accept me in there Masters program with qualification??

  53. wissam says:

    Hi, i got 6 in ielts can i apply for mba in norway ??

  54. Bibek shrestha says:

    What is the percentage requirement to study masters in entrepreneurship? I have completed my bbs 3 yrs scoring 46% . And appearing my master 1st year exam in mangsire 2073. How much percentage i have to score to secure visa approval.

    1. There is no such critical boundary.

  55. Rajendra Shrestha says:

    Hello Bikram dai warm greetings.. You are doing great job by helping students who want to study abroad specially in Norway. I too wants to study in Norway but the problem is i have got 3 yrs bachelor in tourism management with 3.39 CGPA. Is it possible to study any course related in tourism with 3 yrs bachelor.. I want to study Master Program related with the same field i.e in tourism.. Can you suggest me some idea to apply for master degree or i need to do another course..

  56. barsha says:

    I ve got 50%in bsc in environmental science.can I apply for masters ????

  57. arun roka says:

    I have done bachelors in IT(4 YRS).I have around 2 years gap and working in some institution.So,plz consult me about myb chance to study in norway.

  58. Basanta adhikari says:

    Hey bro!!
    I need to know about availibility of part time jobs and wages rate.
    Is it possible to live on income from part time job and sending the money transfered back home??

  59. Ashish says:

    Hey Bikarm ,

    I dont have a recommendation from my college head but I have a recommendation from my work experience and Ive had backlogs in my bachelors . Do I still qualify to apply ?

  60. Pravendra Maharjan says:

    Hello there,
    My name is Pravendra Maharjan. I just have completed my masters degree in medical microbiology from St. Xaviers College. I currently am working on my dissertation. Actually i just wanted to ask what courses are available for me and i have interest in studying molecular biology. Actually it would really be helpful if you would make clear about applying for a dependent visa??.
    Thank you

  61. Pravendra Maharjan says:

    I just finished my masters and currently working on my thesis right now and it will be completed in six months. I did my masters in Medical microbiology from St.Xavier’s College. I am planning to study masters in Norway. I have not done IELTS yet but i will give the exam soon. Also, what is the possibility of getting a dependent visa ??

  62. krishna Gyawali says:

    I want study abroad in Norway. I have completed master degree in Rural Development at Central department of TU kirtipur in 2015 batch. I worked at project and i have a 3 years work experience at different project. so which subject and which collage and when apply is better for me please suggest me. How to start applying there.

  63. Pujan Sainju says:

    Currently I am studying BBS, now it’s a 4 year course . After completing bachelor’s I am planning to apply for can you please let me know how much marks should I score in bachelor’s, ln order to get accepted by universities . Or please inform me about the minimum admission requirements, so I can be well prepared from now .

  64. Spring Sharma says:

    I have complete 2 yeras master in education from reputed university in 2014 score 50% and got IElTS only 5.5 can i apply suitable course in any university in Norway?

  65. bijay says:

    Thank you for your respond 🙂

  66. bijay says:

    HELLO Bikram ji!
    My NAME IS BIJAY AND MY SISTER IS HEADING Stavanger, Norway. 1st August 2016,, can you please share me info about the job possibilities and changing accommodation after six month. Is it possible?

    1. It is possible to change accommodation. Stavanger is big city so job shouldn’t be any problem over there.

  67. JEEWAN KHADKA says:

    Bikram bro, Thanks for all the information provided here.

    Can you suggest How is the Narvik Campus under Arctic university, I am about
    to join there for Masters in Electrical Engineering. also, how hard it is to find part time job around Narvik.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I have heard that there are lot of nepali so it will be okay i think. Good luck

  68. sanjeet yadav says:

    hello, my self Sanjeet yadav, I am from Nepal and currently i am studying MBA in Malaysia from LIncoln University college. i want to know while study Norway is there any kinds of chance to transfer my credit any reputed public university in Norway. IELTS is necessary to apply visa for Nrway.

  69. SUBASH THAPA says:


  70. tortus says:

    Hello Bikram,
    I have an appointment with VFS on June 16, 2016. My classes in university starts from August 08, 2016. VFS said that the processing for Study Permit may take 3 months, which means I will get a Visa only by September.
    Do you know what the average processing time for the Study Permit/Visa is ?
    Thank you.

    1. Its No problem. I think they will give you visa earlier.That is approximate and they all know that school start in mid of august.If you incase get visa late you should email to school.

  71. Abhijeet Sapkota says:

    I am also the student of Computer Networking so how can I apply. I have completed BSc(Hons) in Computer Networking and IT Security 3 years course from London Metropolitan University. What is the possibility for me?

    1. I am not sure about how the credit system in UK. You need to check the credit in UK and requirements for norwegian university.

  72. Abhijeet Sapkota says:

    I have completed 3 years of bachelor degree from London Metropolitan University. Will i be able to apply for University of Oslo.

  73. amrit chhetri says:

    hello bikram,

    do i need to take the verified photocopy of my educational documents that i verified from sanothimi and college followed by education ministry and foreign ministry while going to Norway for future purpose.or(the original documents will be sufficient)

  74. Suman says:

    I was wondering how to calculate GPA from percentage anyone from BCE, IOE background helping would really be wonderful.
    And Bikram Bro, is there any thing like minimum GPA or something or it totally depends on competition?
    Thanks in advance

  75. subash Adhikari says:

    1.Bro i am accepted by NTNU in Auseland .do you have any contact info of any Nepalese in this region ? please refer my email [email protected] to them or it would be great if you send their contact info .

    2.I have transferred and get conformation of money to NTNU . Now will it be okey if i book appoinment in VFS ? or should i wait till i get the housing conforation ?

  76. subash Adhikari says:

    Sushant bro i am exactly in your situation .I have applied by myself . Lets do it together .Those documenttion thing .It will be easy for both of us .

    [email protected] give me your contact

    1. Sushant Vaidik says:

      Hi Subash bro. Sorry to get back this late to you. I have only finished just half of the documentation anyway. And I too think it would be easier to get through this together. Find me at [email protected] or in Facebook as ‘Sushant Vaidik’ or my hand phone no. 9851180517

    1. subash Adhikari says:

      Sushant bro i am exactly in your sitution .I have applied by myself .now confused in documentation thing .Why dont we do it together . Lets be in contact .It will be easy for us .

      Send me your contact in

      [email protected]

  77. Sushant says:

    Hello Bikram Bro,

    Nice to find you in the internet. I have been offered admission at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen for my masters. While proceeding to the Visa procedures, I have some questions:

    1. You mentioned “need to verify your educational documents or other documents form Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Is this verification process different to obtaining NOC? What should I look for (which department to go, what purpose to mention, etc) when I visit MoE and MoFA and what documents should I take?

    2. The university says that the payment deadline for housing deposit is 15 June. Should I be paying this and the living expenses differently? Will the banks in Nepal entertain sending money to these different entities (SiB [for housing] and University [for living expenses]) one after the another? And, should NOC be obtained beforehand to be able to pay the housing deposit too?

    3. Do I set appointment for Visa application at VFS after I have received all the documents? Or, should I secure the seat earlier while the documentation process is still ongoing? Generally, how long would it take?

    It would be really helpful if you could answer these queries of mine. I am trying to avoid consultancies and do everything on my own.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi sushant,
      1.Literally I forgot what is the actual purpose. As far as I remember those process is for make NOC which is essential to transfer money.I suggest you to visit the office and you can always ask Help desk.
      2.Once you have booked the accommodation, after you transfer money the housing company will deduct amount from your transfer money.Yes NOC is required before to be able to send money.
      3.Yes once you have received the document saying your money is successfully transfer. Then you can book appointment.I see in most of the case it take 1 to 1.5 month.

      Hope this help.

      1. Sushant Vaidik says:

        Hi Bikram bro,

        That helped a lot. And btw, I have already gotten the certificates verified in time. Thanks to you. 🙂 Just in case, if anyone else comes up with that question 1 again, you may answer them – “Go to HSEB and Parikshya Niyantran Karayalaya (for SLC), Sanothimi to attest the original and copies of +2 and SLC certificates. Then, go the Ministry of Education to get the same copies attested. Obtaining NOC is different to this. One has to do the both at Ministry of Education. Afterwards, take the same copies to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and get them attested there as well.

        Btw, Now I’ve encountered another issue. The Nabil Bank said that the deposit amount to be paid must be quoted in USD. However, the university only mentioned it Norwegian Kroner. When I emailed them to quote the price in US Dollars, they replied this –

        “Hello Sushant,

        That was new to us. We consistently have Nepalese students and haven’t run up against this before.
        Please use a currency converter of your own to determine a USD amount equivalent to the NOK sum required: 103 950 nok per year.

        We have no authorization to approve an amount in a foreign currency.”

        What shall I do now? Did you have an issue like this while applying? Meanwhile I will check with the Investment Bank (the one you said to have good experience with) if they would ask for the same thing.

        Thanking you again,

        1. Hi Sushant,
          I think this is not so big issue. I far as I remember you cannot transfer Norwegian Kroner from Nepal to Norway or either Norway to Nepal. We can only transfer and receive money in Nepal is USD.After you send $ here it is automatically converted in Norwegian Kroner. If you try to transfer Norwegian kroner I think the transaction will be failed.

          1. Sane says:

            Should we attest both originals and coply of certificates?
            Why is that???

  78. amrit chheri says:

    Hi bikram,,

    Sano thimi bata SLC ra plus 2 ko kun kun docs verify garnu parcha ani teo verify garako docs notery garnu parcha ki paidaina ministry bata verify garna?

  79. Thanks for the suggestion. would it be valid and possible to transfer money from people living in Norway from their bank account? if possible what should they confirm to address for my accommodation deposit into the university bank.

    1. Yes thats possible. You need to deposit the amount in the account details they sent you in email. It will good to sent them email to stay safe side incase if it is not allowed. As far as i see, it is possible. There is not correlation between bank transfer and accommodation. When you are applying visa at VFS then you need to show the accommodation contract to ensure embassy that you have someplace to live.

  80. amrit chheri says:

    If you are in Nepal currently, can u provide me ur contact no

    1. Sorry. I am not in Nepal atm.

  81. hlw,
    i am accepted by NTNU. admission letter is electronically generated one. ministry of education has provided no objection letter but investment bank wont transfer money to the college saying electronically generated admission or admission on personal email are not entertained. what are the other option you may know for transferring money to university account.

    1. You cannot transfer money in other way. You need to ask NTNU so that they can send your offer letter with their stamp in scanned. They will provide you just let them know your information details like application id, subject you got offered. The next option is to call the NTNU admission office directly. They will help you.

  82. Bikram says:

    hlw, i have recieved admission letter but electronically generated from NTNU, but investment bank does not account this admission for balance tranfer to the university, even moe has offered noc. any suggestion and option for transfering money. thanks

  83. Bikram says:

    hey, i am offered admission in Ntnu, and the offer letter in electronically generated one, ministry of education has also given noc but investment bank doesnot accept the electronically generated admission letter. do you have any alternative regarding transfering money to the university. or any other option?

  84. amrit chhetri says:


    can you tell me how much time it take for visa processing after submitting application?

    also after completion of course,how much time do we get to apply for job,if u want to work in norway??

    1. It depend but most of the cases around 1-1.5 month I guess.

  85. pradip oli says:

    after 4 months i will complete my 3years bachelor in bttm
    now can i start to apply in norway for master programe in tourism ?????

    1. You need your diploma of your course to apply.

  86. Sunil Poudel says:

    Hello again Bikram sir!
    is there anyone you know in tromso? it would be great to have his/her contact address or number. I would be really very grateful..
    thanks again.

    1. Sorry. I have not been there and I have no one over there.

  87. bina says:

    Hi Bikram !
    i just got admission in two universities
    university of stavangers
    university of Nordland

    Can you please advice me which will be suitable for me to studies , accomodation, job & language.

    And i can move further step

    Thank you

    1. I think Stavanger is best compared to Nordland

  88. nirmala says:

    Hi Bikram!
    i just got scholarship in two universities for my master degree in management stream
    University of Stavanger
    University of Nordland

    Can you please advice me, which university is suitable for me regarding studies, accommodation & job along with English language. And i can move forward for next step.

    Thank you

    1. Stavanger is best compared to Nordland.

  89. Sunil Poudel says:

    Comment:Hello Bikram ji,
    I had applied for study in Norway through “cross country consultancy”, the same that you had(as you have mentioned in your blog). Recently I have been informed that offer letters have come from “tromso university” and “headmark university college”.
    Can you please suggest me which one is better?
    They say that tromso offers better job opportunities; and some say that headmark is better if you wish to live and work in Oslo.
    Do you think I should proceed?
    … and what about the job opportunities
    ….and possibilities of bringing my spouse after my arrival in Norway?
    Please help.

    1. Thats right. But Tromso is not so bad. Its quite big and a lot nepali are over there.

  90. amrit chhetri says:


    1)how does the verification from ministry and the foreign ministry works.

    2)what documents should i take and
    3)what process do i follow before going to ministry for verification??


  91. amrit chhetri says:

    friend you mentioned about attesting the document from sano themi for (slc and 12th).

    if I Notorized my transcript and mark sheet from 10th and 12th and then verify it by education ministry and foreign ministry will that work or going to sano thimi is compulsory.

    Also what happens at ministry and foreign ministry and usually how much time does it take to verify the documents from the ministry.

  92. amrit chhetri says:


    I contacted the university regarding the date and time on which i will get conformation of housing contract so that i can apply for student permit,
    And they reply me saying”you do not need to wait for housing contract to apply for visa.your study plan letter states you are guaranteed housing and that is enough for visa process and you wont get housing contract until the middle of may”.

    can you tell me anything about it

    1. Thats correct. Its not the university you should ask. You should ask the housing provider. I think housing document is compulsory before applying visa.Probably its little bit early to send you the agreement of housing from housing provider also. It takes them some time to relocating the room for abroad.

  93. Subash says:

    While transferring money to Norway ..Can I transfer from my fathers bank account (Nabil. Bank) or should it be from my account only ..

    1. Yes thats not a problem.

  94. amrit chheri says:

    Hi bikram,

    Can you tell me the process involved in making no objection letter.

    What documents are required?

    While searching on Internet it says we need to register in engineering council before applying for no objection letter.

    And even if I apply for engineering council registrations, it take 6 month to get certificate.I think they will provide temporary certificate, will that work?

    1. Yes I think it should work.

      1. amrit chheri says:

        Can you provide me the list of documents required for no objection letter?

        1. Sorry man. I do not remember. I think if you take all your academic certification including the acceptance letter that should be enough.

  95. Prabina says:

    I have acceptance letter from university of oslo and akerhus in master degree in international social welfare and health policy. Can I know how is the university and is the subject good. I also got accepted from NTNU in master in public health but as I got information that only in oslo it’s easy to get job and stay in comparison to other state.Did I took the correct decision?

    1. Yes, Oslo is capital and many nepali are over there. So it is probably the place to get job quickly compare to other city.Trondheim is also not so small city and I think you can get job over there too. It depends on what kind of subject you are interested and University.If the priority is job, I prefer OSLO there are many benefits.

    2. prabina says:

      I have applied from consultancy I didn’t knew the procedure. My subject match at NTNU university but as I too should think about parttime job I chhosed university of oslo and akerhus. how is the university?

      1. Then I suggest you to go NTNU. Its good university and you will have nice feeling at the end of study. I guess there are many nepali in Trondheim also should be too much difficult. At least within 3-4 months you will get part time job.

  96. Subash Adhikari says:

    Bank transfer Dad ko bank account bata gardaa ne huncha ki merai bata nai garnu parcha.

    1. I think it doesn’t matter.

  97. Umesh says:

    mr. Bikram, I would like to post some queries too.
    I got acceptance from Telemark university college for the course Process Engineering. What is the chance of getting part time job around university area? Can we sustain ourselves with the part time job? Can you suggest me about the job opportunities after the completion of course?

    1. Its quite challenging to get part time job over there. Do not expect too much about part time job for at least 6 months. Try to prepare yourself. It doesn’t mean there is no possibilities. The city is small and very small opportunities to english speaking.I hope you understand.I think the job opportunities completely depend upon the market situation. You subject has good reputation so hope you will get job after study.

  98. amrit chheri says:

    1)can you tell me exactly what do you mean by verifying educational documents from college..
    2)what are the documents that needed to be verified (do i have to verify every semester mark sheet or the transcript will do,degree certificate,migration etc)
    3)i have completed my bachelor from India and is in India currently,so if you have any idea about how this verification works for Indian college??

    4)currently i am in India,so do i have to be present on the spot while preparing no objection letter
    from ministry for Transferring the money to Norway or any family member can do it??

    1. I have no idea about degree from India and how verification works.I think you need to verify all academic documents which you have submitted for application.It better to send any family members and see if works in ministry.

  99. amrit chheri says:

    can you tell me how hard is it to get part time job in Oslo?
    also,will it be difficult if i don’t speak Norwegian ??

    and for masters course,what will be the schedule for the class per week,i mean how many days in a week you have to go to the university??

    thanks in advance

    1. Its easy to get job in oslo and no matter you only speak english. Class is every day for most of the faculty.

  100. Sabina Tamang says:

    Hi Bikram. I recently got an offer letter from University college of Southeast Norway for an Teachers training program. I wanted to know if I have to attest all the educational documents including all provisional, migration and character certificate too from slc +2 and bachelors? Thank you.?

    1. Congratulations ! It will be good practice to do that. It wont harm you and will make you in safe side.It is an small step toward getting visa.Some institutions are strict on that.

  101. Sabina Tamang says:

    Hi Bikram. I recently got an offer letter from University college of Southeast Norway for an Teachers training program. I wanted to know if I have to attest all the educational documents including all provisional, migration and character certificate too from slc +2 and bachelors?

  102. amrit chheri says:

    thanks for the instant reply

    what type of question do they ask in financial details as i will have deposit the money.

    also you mentioned about verifying educational documents and citizenship conversion,can you explain it a little.

    thanks in advanve

    1. What is the income source of your family?
      What does your parents and family remembers do ?
      Very general question.
      Verifying means “notary”. I am not sure if you need to do now because the rule always changes. Better to be in safe side please make a copy of verified for each document. For citizenship you need to go to babarmahal i.e. called “Citizenship translation.”

      1. amrit chheri says:

        thanks man for your valuable information.

        really appreciated.

  103. amrit chheri says:

    hi,i just got admitted to one of the university two days back.can you tell me what will be the visa process.(note:have not deposited money to one of the Norway bank).
    -should i have to deposit money first and book resident before applying for visa.
    -what are the things required for showing financial eligibility.
    -will there be any sort of interview
    -what will be the approx time for the visa process

    1. Congratulation.
      Yes you need to deposit money before applying visa. And you need contract of housing also.There will be very short and simple interview like you general info and the financial details.If you apply now i think you will get visa approximately 4-5 weeks later.

  104. Subash Adhikari says:

    Can you please make clear about the “need of verification of documents from foreign minestry “..Yo vanyako notery garne hoina brother ko ma gayera .

    1. I cannot remember exactly at the moment. Yes its good idea to bring a copy of notergy. Once you arrive here you anyways need to submit original documents for verification.

  105. Subash Adhikari says:

    Hello ..I have got acceptance from NTNU for international business and marketing ..
    -IS NTNU a good university ?
    -How long can we stay after Masters ?

    And before transferring fund to university ..should I get NOC from education minister first ?

    1. Congratulations!
      Yes NTNU is good university for technical subjects. I am from technical background so I have no idea about these subject. Yes you should make NOC before going to the bank. You can stay for 2 years for any master program.

  106. shyam says:

    thank you sir…..for your help.

  107. sahil karna says:

    greeting sir,
    can u tell me criteria for studying in norway after completion of btech (Academic qualification)

    1. You need to have good grade from your bachelor which is most important factor and try to check the subjects required which are required by the master program.

  108. shyam says:

    Dear Bikram, My name is Shyam , and i have passed my Bachelor degree from Nepal in Bsc IT(4year) . And want to study in Norway. Please sir inform me where and which University be the best for study and part time job.

    1. Congratulation. The biggest city are Bergen, OSLO , Trondheim and Stavanger which are good for part time job. For you subject I suggest you to go through the List of Universities which I have posted earlier.

  109. Need Some Guidance and Can we talk on Viber / Skype ?

  110. sahil karna says:

    sir, backlogs in bachelor program matters or not?

  111. sahil karna says:

    Sir, backlogs in bachelor matters or not?

  112. Deep Tajpuriya says:

    Comment:hey bikram i am doing bba in nepal . is there any good university for mba in oslo city as you have mentioned that getting job is quite easier there. can i have your phone no. email.facebook id plaease…….

  113. Puskar says:

    Hello Bikram sir,
    Currently I’m studying bachelors last year in major English and exam is coming near.i want to do master in Norway. Can I apply with my partner and do I need to have ielts?

  114. Prakash Adhikari says:

    Thanx for the great information. I have completed four years bachelore degree in agriculture science with the percentage 74.14. I want to apply. For what session i can apply now. I have a score of 6.0 in ielts exam. Can you give some suggestion for me.

  115. Prakash Adhikari says:

    Thanx for the great information. I have completed four years bachelore degree in agriculture science. I want to apply. For what session i can apply now. I have a score of 6.0 in ielts exam. Can you give some suggestion for me.

  116. prakash says:

    I’m an electrical engineering student and willcomplete my bachelor within 7 months.
    Now for master program do I need GRE?? Does GRR result will b major role maker or bachelor percentage?? If we get scholarship how much will b the cost required

    1. No the major factor is your bachelors grade.

  117. niranjan regmi says:

    hi i am niranjan i want to study in norway ,,i had passed my bba program from purbanchal university in 2013 dec now i am willing to apply for my master level in norway for mba or any management or commerce related field i have an ielts score overall 6 could you help which place is more better for apply in norway and which university or college is affordable for us and how much time does it takes to granted our visa if all document are genuine ,,,,

    1. I think you will get visa at the end of July or beginning of August.

  118. Ujjwal Acharya says:

    Hi Bikram Ji..I have completed 3 years BBS and 6.0 in IELTS. So, what are the option for me. And please provide your Skype and face I’d because I want be on your regular touch.

    1. You can send me email here via contact page. I can reach by there. Thank you for interest.

  119. Ujjwal Acharya says:

    Hi bibek ji, I have completed 3 years BBS in 2014 and 6.0 in IELTS. Can I apply for masters?I want to apply in oslo..

  120. Ujjwal Acharya says:

    Hi Bikram ji, I have completed 3 years BBS in 2014 and 6.0 in IELTS. Can I go for Masters?

  121. Rahaul Ray says:

    Bikram sir. .I have completed my Btech electrical engineering send to Nokut and I have an ielts score of 5.5. Am I eligible to apply for post graduate level in norway? if not.are there any courseccepting those score?? please reply …

    1. Yes You are eligible but try to find out the college which are sufficient for your score.

  122. Ramesh chapagain says:

    dai mero 3 yrs bbs ho 1&2 yrs clear xa 3 yrs ko result waiting ma xu ielts ne gara aba maila master in economics in university of oslo ma adm pauna k garnu parla maila subject detail hera but clear vayna ma lie step by step procedure batai dinu na la plz

    1. You need to apply going through the studentweb and just need to wait for response

  123. Abishek says:

    Thank you bro for all of your informations. Well, currently i am studying Civil Engineering in Pulchowk Campus in scholarship. Had it not been scholarship, may be it would have been a Herculean’s task for my family to get me admitted in Engineering colleges. After the very recent Indian blockade, i have been determined to study hydropower in Norway and after returning back, develop hydropower projects in Nepal. I won’t have any problem with my academics, but financially. How much does it cost to spend all my two years in Norway, while studying Masters. i have heard education is free and government awards money to those studying masters in Scandinavian countries. To what extent is it true? My family is financially weak, but do i have still any sorts of opportunities to continue my study there in Norway without battering the burden to my family. How easy is it to get part time job over there and what sorts of job would it be? How much can be earned from such jobs and to what extent would it help in our expenditures for food and accomodation? i would be grateful to be blessed with your detailed informations!

    1. Hi,
      Probably it is depends upon the place you moved to. Normally the cost of expenditure is around 7000 NOk. And if you get decent part time – it is easy to earn 12-14K NOK.

  124. Rajesh lama says:

    i am thinking of applying for commercial and applied biotechnology and i have passed 5 yrs bachelors programme of veterinery science from TU. what can i do to apply for hedmark university.

  125. Ambika khanal says:

    I am ambika i am a registered nurse at nepal. I have completed BN and my total academic career is of 15 years. I have working experience of around 12 years.may i get admission to study master course in any university ? My keen interest in either nursing or in MPH. If there is no option for master what is the other option? Next question is,is there any option for immigration?if yes what are the criteria? Please help me with the answers.thank you

  126. Shreejana dahal says:

    I have completed my 3 years bachlor level… Should i join now mbs to apply or what???

  127. BINOD says:


    is it prefrerable to select university in AALESUND to get easy part time jobs during study

  128. mahendra says:

    Dear Bikram,
    Thank you for the valued information that you have provided with.The provide information seems highly helpful to people wishing Norway for their next educational destination. Further I would like to know if there is any procedure regarding the dependent.One is pursuing masters in Norway and spouse as dependent?

  129. Santosh Adhikari says:

    I heard Norway offers”quota”educational scheme under which student dont need to pay for even accomodation. One can simply apply and go to Norway and under this scheme the stufent will even be paid stipend(stipend as much as rs 100000).Is this true?
    And finally
    Is there some mechanism to stay and work in Norway after the completion of the master prpgram?

  130. Nabin thapa says:

    Hello bikram bro , I have completed BBA 4 year but I have scored overall 6 in ielts may i apply for MBA in norway? Do you know about finland education? Waiting your reply

  131. parsuram thapa says:

    Hello Bro,
    Myself Parsuram from sarlahi and have completed BBS(TU) in 2009 and EDEXCEL LEVEL-7(1years of study) in 2010 from London .I have 5 years of education gap and i have no ielts but got england certificate(is it be substitute for ielts?).Meanwhile i am processing through Appolo Consultantcy for master program.I have submitted them all xerox copy of educational and experience certificates.Now,they are asking sealed attest of academic(SLC,+2,BBS,EDEXCEL-7)Certificate,is it necessary to apply for university to get offer letter from college?
    Please,suggest me
    Waiting for ur positive response

  132. raj bajra says:

    hello sir,
    i would like to request for your personal email id or skype id so that i could solve important issue regarding study in norway..thank you..hope you provide it

  133. nishant says:

    hi bikram bro this is nishant from kathmandu, can i chat with you on skype please send me your id and let me know what time is preferred..

  134. ramesh chapagain says:

    bikram dai mero 3 yrs bachlore ho norway ko lagi kun level ma apply garnu ani denmark embssy in nepal la k help garxa ne hoina

    1. 3 years is not enough. there is nothing to do with danish embassy.

  135. hari says:

    my last year of civil engineering is running, how can i apply for schoolarship..and how much easy to find job in norway for nepali students? and can we extend our visas after completion of study?

  136. dipesh shakya says:

    how much amount(rs) need to deposit in norway bank.thanks a lot

  137. Bharat says:

    Mr. Birendra Jee,
    Good evening!
    I am the student of ARTS in Rural Development in Masters from Tribhuwan University. I have scored first division and want to study social science in Norway. Other major information of procedures I got from your above truly fascinating explanation. What I want to ask is either I am able to take my spouse with me while studying! Some of the people informed me that any student can take his/her spouse after 3 months from the date of his/her attendance in college.

    I would be highly grateful if you gave me the answer.

    Thank You.
    Have a wonderful time ahead.

  138. salina adhikari bhatta says:

    i have passed BA english litrature n i want to apply for masters in norway and i want to know about all process and dependentvisa also

  139. Ganesh bhattarai says:

    I have completed 3 years bachelor .can i apply for master in norway ?

  140. Gaurav Sitaula says:

    Hello Bikram Dai,
    Malai Norway ko barema dherai bujhnu chha. Pls can we have talk on skype?

  141. nirmala lama says:

    Hi.this is Nirmala from Nepal. I have completed my 3 years bachelor in social work and looking forward to study In Norway.. May I apply for master with 3 yrs bachelor?

  142. Tsering Sherpa says:

    This site has been a great informant to me regarding the education in Norway.I’m doing Bsc(Hons) Computing in final year in Nepal and it is allified to Leeds Becket University of UK. I want to apply for Master in Norway. Can you explain me about post study work in Norway?

  143. Shrestha sanjaya says:

    I m willing to aply for norway.ipassed bbs at 43%.i hav low per. Can i apply?

  144. damber khatri says:

    Respected sir….I have passed my 3years bechlor from india….and I have did 1year training from private hotel tarining institute last month…I havent do ielts…I have see something in internet that…students of nepali who studied in middle east asia,india, pakistan
    …they dont need the english test….is that real sir?….can I apply without ielts for master degree in hotel management…..or are there any universities which dnt need ilets for master….waitng ur response…..respected sir…u can message me in facebook……[email protected]

  145. I have complete +2 in management and I want to study bachelor in Norway is it too difficult to get visa in Norway.

  146. is it too difficult to get visa in Norway

  147. Aleena says:

    I had complete +2 in management and I want to study bachelor in Norway but all people say its difficult to get visa is it true

  148. BIPIN SUBEDI says:

    I m plannng forMBA in Norway…. how much I will earn per month whike studying ??

  149. prajwal says:

    Bikram sir. .I have completed my BBA with CGPA of 3.8 and I have an ielts score of 5.5. Am I eligible to apply for post graduate level in norway? if not.are there any colz accepting those score?? please reply …

    1. damber khatri says:

      Sir…I have search u lots of time in fb bt I couldnt find u….can u add me sir…[email protected]
      [email protected]

    2. Rahaul Ray says:

      Bikram sir. .I have completed my BTech in electrical engineering i send to Nokut for recognition and I have ielts score of 5.5. Am I eligible to apply for post graduate level in norway? if not.are there any colz accepting those score?? please reply …

      1. I think yes. You just need to try. If there are not enough applicants in the program you are looking for its great chance for you to get the admission.

  150. needinformation says:

    how do u go about converting grades/GPA from universities here in nepal to equivalent ECTS credits? do u really require this (in most cases) to know if you are eligible for application or the university does this on its own once you have applied? i need to know this because applying to university of agder for masters of science in ICT, the bachelors degree must include courses amounting to at least 30 ECTS credits in mathematics and statistics but i dont know what would be the equivalent credit hours here in nepal.

    finally, does applying to a university cost you fees for application process? if it doesnt cost to apply for univeristies you know i might as well be able to apply to number of universities to keep my options wide open.

    btw ur doing great job here, providing information about studying in norway to prospective students. thanks

  151. Prateek Bhattarai says:

    hello bikram, I am a b.pharm graduate ( 4 years) with gpa around 3.3 and ielts -8 . i am looking forward to doing my ms in norway with scholarships. could you suggest me some institutions where i could get admitted. thank you

    1. You need to check the faculties which are okay for your background.Check the links of universities which i have included in this blog post.

  152. Anuj says:

    I have completed my B.E Electrical Engineering from KU, Nepal, i need to know the details of the verification done through stamp by ministry of education and foreign affairs in nepal. these stamps should be in photocopy or original. can u send me a sample.

  153. Anonymous says:

    [CORRECTION OF MY LAST COMMENT] Lastly , Whatever decison we may take , It is not gonna be only depended on ONLY your’s provided information , We ourselves are responsible for our decision .So BLAMING ( for which nepalese are good ) Wont be done to you !! Thanks In Advance , Jay Nepal

  154. Anonymous says:

    Hello Bikram bro ,

    You have been providing information about Norway and Helping students a lot. Based on your Experience and your friend’s Experience , would you suggest LOWER-Middle class family’s to apply there.

    Nepal is a developing country , and Spending about 15 lakhs in a year is not everyone’s cup of tea. One should consider various family responsibilities , Especially that guy who is eldest son in family.

    Roughly , If you can provide the list of part-time jobs , minimum earnings , average savings out of the earnings , Nepalese student’s life style , Studying practice …It would be beneficiaryto nepalese Students.

    Lastly , Whatever decison we may take , It is not gonna be only depended on your provided information , So BLAMING ( for which nepalese are good ) Wont be done to you !! Thanks In Advance , Jay Nepal ..

  155. Umesh Banjara says:

    i’m from 3 y bachelor in medical microbiology can I apply for Norway

  156. Buddha tamang says:


    I have completed my bachelor in BBS (3 years). and my percentage is not satisfying. its 48%. so i want to know, am i eligible for for studying master in norway. like BBA program .
    kindly hoping for your advice..!

  157. reshamstha says:

    can business graduates study masters in information technology in norway? how hard will it be to study IT and to work. can we study further after completing masters in norway? double masters? what are the differences between university and university college. thanks for your help.

  158. roshan khadka says:

    I have done a 3 years bba course from india and now want to apply for masters in Norway. What should I do and 93000NOK refundable ho ki nai. Visa and ticket ko afai garne ki 93000NOK ma they are included. Please help.

  159. roshan khadka says:

    I have done a three years BBA from delhi and now I am willing to go to Norway for masters is there any way I can apply as I have only 15yrs of study. Please help me.Ani u mentioned 93000NOK does that include visa and air fair.Some say it will be refunded is it so. Please help.

    1. The money is living cost for one year in Norway. It does not include air fair and visa processing fee.

  160. riaa says:

    Do the colleges in Norway have Oct/Nov intake? pls do reply.

  161. hari phuyal says:

    I have completed my MSC. physics from TU and is planning to study in Norway. Do we get job opportunity easily or not ?

    1. It is not easy. What kind of job do you mean ?

  162. sandy says:

    I am accepted at University of Bergen for system Dynamics course, i would like to know about availability of job in Bergen. Similarly, i want to know more about getting PR in Norway or other countries in Europe. It is possible to get PR/Green card in Norway itself and other neighbor countries after study? Or ultimately i have to return back to Nepal? Is there any other way to settle in Europe after Study? Really want to know more about these issues ASAP. I have already sent money to Norway and they are asking me to deposit for accommodation also, if i get rejected will they refund my money back along with accommodation fees ?

  163. Surya Prakash shakya says:

    OK can a CAE certificate b valid like IELTS.

  164. bikram baniya says:

    Is TOEFL accepted in Norway ?

    1. I think NO.You can check the new rules to verify.

  165. raj bajra says:

    This is wonderful blog for nepalese.appreciated.
    By the way i also have desire to study in norway and some questions also regarding admission.i have got master in arts in international trafe and with good grade from korean university.i want to study law related masters or management system or phd also ok.but i see most university mention deadline decembet only.
    When international student can get admission?is there only one intake?
    I am searching master in there enough university who offer tution free education?
    How will be life for international student as student and to settle and maintain?
    Normally how long will admission process take?
    At last could you provide your personal mail id so that i can contact you.
    Thank you for wonderful article

    1. Thank you for your compliments. Yes admission process started for international student is from nov-dec depending on university. Admission process take i think around 3 month to get reply from university.Its hard to answer international student life. Many have different perspectives.

  166. sandy says:

    I am accepted at University of Bergen for system Dynamics course, i would like to know about availability of job in Bergen. Similarly, i want to know more about getting PR in Norway or other countries in Europe. It is possible to get PR/Green card in Norway itself and other neighbor countries after study? Or ultimately i have to return back to Nepal? Is there any other way to settle in Europe after Study? Really want to know more about these issues ASAP. I have already sent money to Norway and they are asking me to deposit for accommodation also, if i get rejected will they refund my money back along with accommodation fees ?

    1. They wil refund you if you rejected. Regarding PR it is long way in Norway. Fastest way is to get marry norwegian citizen. I have no idea on other ways for pr in other countries.Bergen is big city I think it wont be difficult to find job over there.

  167. dipesh poudel says:

    Dai i want to know about the living expenses,rents that we hav to pay,what about health facilities??how much money we will require monthly for lodging and fooding….is finding jobs very difficult in norway….as you hav mentioned in the comments and for jobs do we need to learn norwegian language for good jobs or english works well

    1. English is also okay for part time job but will take time to find job. And depends on the city where you are going to live.You need to pay for private health check up and if you have to go to hospital that is free. Regarding loding fooding read my previous comments and FAQ

  168. Sourav says:

    If college give me a certificate that english is the medium of instructions in the college. So, IELTS is compulsory or not for applying in any college or university in norway

    1. No you must show IELTS.

  169. subash says:

    hello Sir,
    Actually I was planning for US or Canada ,,plz let me know Can Norway be good option for living ?
    How much possibility that we get job to secure living during study, plz notify maximum time to get job?
    how much money shall we expect to expend while getting into Norway for study with scholorship?
    By going through all the comments I am unsure about getting PR in Norway, how much avg percentage of nepalese got PR after study?
    and finally I have 3 year BBS ,also I have passed CA foundation level ,can it concludes to be 4 year course for being accepted by Norway??
    Eagerly waiting your reply..
    thank you..

    1. In my opinion Norway is better that US and Canada for living securely. Job always depends on the city you are moving and you job searching process and your luck. You will get around 100K NOk with scholarship in a year. I have no statistics like how many got pr after study so i cannot say.I think you can apply try contacting to the college you are interested.

  170. ashish says:

    now im in bachelor 3rd year studying mechanical engineering in kathmandu university. my gpa is around 3 (not actually).does high gpa matters in getting admisson in norway in masters programme.can i get admission if my gpa is below 3.00.

    plz comment.

    1. GPA matter but there is no specifically mentioned that you should have above 3. It is best that you should try. It wont harm you.

  171. Prabin says:

    I have take the IELTS date 23rd JULY. Will I be able to apply for the norway universities?? What else do i need to do?
    I have done my BTECH in Mechanical Engineering. I want to do masters in Mechanical Engineering/ Automobile Engineering. Where should I apply, which university is best for me?? Part time job would be very much necessary for me.
    Please Suggest. thanks!!

    1. You need to search which programs are appropriate for you from the list of colleges I have put in the site. Part time job depends on city

  172. Mithila says:

    Hi Bikram,
    can we chat on Skype? Please inbox.

  173. subash says:

    hi this is subash is their any collage at the moment that provides a admission for me so that i can apply for masters program ..

  174. subash says:

    hi this is subash is their any collage at the moment that provides a admission for me so that i can apply for masters program ..

    1. Admission are closed now will be opening from coming november.

  175. nirose maharjan says:


    1. I think you need to show one more year of study

  176. anil manandhar says:

    Hi bikram,
    i got accepted for Narvik university college for masters degree in satellite communication. i really think it’s pretty hard to find part-time jobs in narvik based on above comments, so should i wait and apply for the next session (2016) or should i just go for it ?

  177. raju pandey says:

    is it compulsory to take Norwegian language class after reach there to do the job??????? or English language can be helpful for us????

    1. Aatif Khan says:

      Dear Bikram jee

      The information provided really save of from becoming victim by consultancies.
      After getting offer letter, as you have suggested “Respective Educational Certificates should be attested from same department.”
      I have already attested more copies in the last November 2014,
      Now can you suggest me, same attested copied of Nov.2014 dated can be verified by Education Ministry and Foreign Affair respectively or I should have to attest all document from fresh date??

      Your suggestion will be lucid for me for further processing.

  178. Khiem Le says:

    Hi Bikram,
    Could you kindly advise on this:

    I graduated from University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus with GPA 50/100, majoring in Finance, Accounting.
    After that, i have 2 years working experience.

    Considering my GPA and experience, is there any possibility to get admission to study Master in Norway ?

    Thank you very much !

  179. Sushil says:

    Hello all

    If anyone’s going to Bergen this year, please do come in contact with me. I will be starting my masters in Medical Sciences. Maybe we can even meet up and get to know each beforehand, or even plan for a same day travel. Its good to get a company in a new place 🙂 Please feel free to write me at su[email protected].


  180. pradip says:

    Hello bikram sir, I finished master degree in business studies (MBS) from Tribhuwan university of Nepal in 2009 after that doing own business. I applied for study in norway with 6.0 IELTS score and got acceptance letter from the University of Bergen in Master programe in system I want to know that should I apply in this course or not. I am waiting your help as soon as possible through reply.

    1. Hi,
      I have some friends who studied that same subject but dropped the course to another. I have no idea what type of course it is . Based on my friends suggestion they really did not like that subject. I suggest you go through the course description and learning outcomes and need to decide by yourself. Its you who are going to study.But the bergen is nice place 😀

      1. pradip says:

        Thanks for your information . Can my education gap affect the visa possibility or not.

  181. Manoj joshi says:

    That amount includes the deposited money to fund 1 yr of living expences or not? ? I mean application processing time and visa processing time to reach there.

    1. Manoj joshi says:

      And last bt nt the least, in tution free cources, seates for international students is limited or any one can get admission there.

    2. It is for one year. Regarding application processing time check

  182. Manoj joshi says:

    Helo bro thank you very much for your kind information. Recently i have completed bba from pokhara university with 3.44 sgpa. And i’m loking for mba in norway. And i have some questions in my mind.
    1. Is the mba in norway is free of cost? ?
    2. On what basis students are selected?
    3. We have to pay amount of money in norwagian bank before getting student visa or after? If before visa, if application is rejected, then how that money can be refunded?
    4. I dnt have any work experience, work experince is compulsery or not?
    5. How can we extend our visa in norway after complision of cource.
    . Please bro i’m looking for ur kind reply. And i’ll be pleased if i can directly contract u. Thanku

    1. Hi Manoj,
      1.I have no idea if there is MBA or not. Check the programs offered by the college in the list I provided.Basically Master program are free.
      2.Based on You bachelor grade (primary),rest of them are secondary factors.
      3.You need to send money before visa and you will refunded if visa rejected.
      4.It is not compulsory.
      5.You can apply for job seeking visa, or work permit(if you are offered work by company).

      1. Manoj joshi says:

        Thanku very much for ur reply.
        According to u Which university would be the best for the students like us, where we can get a part time job easily to funding our living expences. And what will be the total cost(in NR) to get student visa for norway. And how much time it will take to reach there in norway.

        1. It is hard to say which is best university and where you can find job.It actually depends after you come. The bigger cities have much opportunities. It will be approximately 13-14 lakh. It depends upon the type of tickets and transits.

  183. Khusi says:

    Is there any way to stay connected with you coz i need to know more about the processing ?? (skype id ll be an advantage)
    Pls help 🙂 🙂

  184. nima says:

    Hi Bikram Dai
    I will wonder If I can have a little chat with you on skype.
    plz send me ur skype id dai… [email protected]
    Thank you so much dai

  185. nima says:

    hi bikram dai….
    what are the academic qualification for master in electrical engineering in oslo university? plz help me

    1. I suggest you to check the requirements which they have stated in their webpage. As I checked their webpage there is no any electrical engineering program offered by the university.

  186. Khusi says:

    I have completed BBA(4 yrs ) with specialization in Finance and also have 2 yrs of experience of bank as well as acccoutant in an organization. But i have only score 6 in IELTS. I have a great want of doing MBA. So, can u pls suggest any ideas? Hoping for ur response soon.


    1. Hi Khusi,

      I think 6 is eligible and experience also counts somehow.So You can search the MBA program from the list of universities from the link.


  187. Rosan Shrestha says:

    Hello Bikram Dai
    I was wondering If I can have a little chat with you on skype.
    It would really be helpful
    Thank you

    1. Hi Roshan,
      I will be glad to help you via Skype also. I have sent my id in your inbox.

  188. Girish says:

    Hello Bikram ,

    First of all i really appreciate the help you are doing to number of students despite your own busy schedule.
    I am an engineering student who is interested in studying and later working in Norway. I have GPA around 3.5 and have 7.0 in my IELTS. Will i qualify for any scholarship program to do masters in engineering ? If yes then what are the best universities you could suggest (as you know the real perspective of the country ) ?
    I went through the article and found that it takes 15lakhs nepali to stay there for one year. Is it possible to return that money back to Nepal and sustain a life through the earned money by doing part time work of 20hr/week.
    Also as i am planning to do masters in computer science ,i would really be delighted if you can give me some idea about the job opportunity in that sector.

    I would be highly indebted if you reply my queries.


    1. Hi Girish,
      Congratulations for your good scores. There is one good program in NTNU (just check their webpage) related to your background then if you are wiling to pursue in in computer science. That program is good I have heard so far and have some friends already completed that program. If you can find decent part time I am pretty sure that you can sustain easily and will be able to return back your money to Nepal.

  189. June says:

    Hi…m June…I want to apply for master program

  190. Naren says:

    Hlw Bikram,Thank you for your kind support

    I am naren Karki and had applied to university of norway and got the chance of scholarship under quota.I had self applied to the norway with the 16 years english proficiency certificates from the school,college,without the ielts.They had sent me the offer letter stating that you will get yet yeti grants and even told me to process the documents for the visa as it is long process.I am extremely confused about the visa processing techniques and the documents required for this(confused in moving to consultancy or do by myself).With the small mistake of mine,it would make me more trouble in future.Please assist me about the documents required for the visa as we too,need udi no or not.Do i need to show the financial documents and also about the information regarding the check lists,and also what type of education certificates are required(provisional).Can you please tell me about the plan of study,forms related to it. Please help me

    1. Hi Naren,
      Congrats,! You don’t need to worry. Provide all the educational documents whatever you have . Regarding Financial, the offer letter sent by them is enough. You donot need to show any bank balance.

  191. Bishnu Dhital says:

    hello Bikram,
    I am Bishnu Dhital. i have completed BE in computer Engineering and i m planing to study further in Norway in IT security and low. I found this course in olso university? how it possible to get admission from here? i have ielts 6.0 in each band .
    and next question is if i didn’t get my visa than what happen to the transfer money? after what time it will refund?
    Is there any nepali in oslo university and any posibility to share a room to stay?

    1. Hi Bishnu ,
      I cannot say that you will get admission or not. They check for academic backgrounds and look for you relevant Ielts is not the only factor to decide the admission successful. It is one of the requirement for being eligible applicant.Your money will be safe. If you get rejected they will inform you how to return back.Generally the money which you transferred from Nepal is returned to you own bank account(in Norway) after you open Bank account. I am not living to OSLO and I don’t know if there are nepali students or not . Hope this help you some how.

  192. Ameet Jung Karki says:

    hello bikram

    I’m planing to apply for master in University of Stavanger and i have to courrier my docx before 5th of march. But i have some confusions about the financial documents (as mention in an image, point no. 9). please help!!!

    what about documentation of financial support….as it has been mentioned we need to attach the financial support papers. Can u please give an explanation to it….is it necessary.?
    Because most of the universities ask for financial documents after getting an admission??
    so, Should i have to attach my financial papers with the rest?


    1. Hi Ameet,
      I am not sure which financial documents are they asking you to upload. As far as I know, the financial documents are sent afterwards once you get offer letter. Have you tried contacting them ??

  193. sangit poudel says:

    well im planning to apply for the scholorship program(masters in power system engineering) in NTNU,ive the required GPA from TU in nepal(i can apply for scholorship ) but i got puzzled ,,,hw to apply,,,,,,,plz help me out here!!!!!

  194. Praz says:

    Are all the application process online?when to send the hard copies of the document?what about The toefl score,should it be send through ets or hard copy courier along with the education document?

  195. umesh says:

    Is it possible to get PR in Norway after completing PhD.

    1. Yes. But there are some other requirements.

  196. Prakash says:

    hey bikram thank you so much for ur kind information….i had a problem ki mero 3 yrs bachelor in environmental science sakieo…so can i apply or not?? if not so k garda thik huncha?? plz help me

  197. A-niiil says:

    how much money that i should be prepare to expend if i am planing to study in master level from Nepal

  198. MS-EE says:

    Hello Bikram.Thanks you for the wonderful information,It is helping me a lot.I had applied to universities (online) Now,should I mail/courier the same docs to the universities now? or should I wait till application deadline ?

    1. Hi, It depends on school on which you are applying. In most university they will ask you later. But it is always to be on safe side. Just sent an email to admission office of college or call them directly they will help you quickly.

  199. NRS says:

    Hey Bikram Thank you so much for the information, do we also have to provide financial document to support our stay in Norway during the application? And do we have to send the documents in hard copies and from where? Hope for your kind suggestions soon.

    1. During the first step of application process from . You don’t need to any information regarding financial. It comes only after you got acceptance letter. First you need to apply online where you must upload all the educational documents, work experience, Ielts test, Motivational Letter and other if they mention. Then after if you are required to provide hard copy then college itself will mail you. To be sure after applying online you can send email asking if you need to send original documents or not.
      You can send documents from courier services like DHL, Fedex.

  200. 12 says:

    is ielts is compulsory

  201. Prakhar Bavarian Gyawali says:

    hello,i wan to live in norway but norway requires me to live for atleast three years before i get residence permit and my masters degree program is of two years how can i extend my stay in norway upto 3 i have to return my country or can do any other thing to extend my stay?

    1. You will get the residence permit as soon as you move here. If you are thinking about permanent residence permit, it is difficult to achieve in 3 years and very less probability. After 2 years master program there are only two option left to extend visa. Either you need to find job relevant to your study or apply job seeking visa(it will be 6 months only ).

  202. sangit poudel says:

    hey there….i’ve heard about the scholarship programs provided by the gov. of NORWAY what is about that?????

    1. You need to have best grade to be eligible and need to fight with other competitors to get that scholarship.

  203. sabin says:

    hello bikram, i just wanted to know, what financial documents are needed while applying for visa.what wil be the total expences besides ticketing and all.i want to apply for Masters of science in international relations and diplomacy and i have completed my Bacholers of arts in social work. Am i elgible to apply for Msc programme or not?

    1. Hi sabin, You need to transfer money around 94000 Nok + to the bank specified by the university once you got offer letter from university. Then you will get the documents from school/bank with the proof of money which you have transferred here. This is the only document require for showing financial statement. Yes you can apply Msc program which is relevant to your study.

      1. sabin says:

        hello bikram, what is the purpose of transfeering that money in the norwegian bank? as the tution fee is free in the university. Is it to show that i can sustain in the norway?i need to know that.

        1. Yes. This money is not for tuition fee. This is living expenses which you need to show that you can live here in Norway for 1 year. But you get this money in your bank account after you move to Norway. And you have full control on your money.

          1. sabin says:

            thank you bikram for information..i want to know, if i have my relatives in norway who will look after my expenses.can i just send the money back to home after i come to the norway?..Is it possible

          2. Yes. Once you get money in your own bank account. You can do whatever you can. But after one year you need to extend visa and at that time you again need to show same amount of money.

          3. sabin says:

            thank you bikram, and i wanted to know, how can i apply for the scholarships in norwegian university for my food and lodging. what are the procedure and the types of scholarships for masters degree..

          4. You just need to follow the program details on which you are interested. There will be written everything.

  204. sapana says:

    helw Bikram,….thanks for the information..its really crystal clear information..but i want to know that is bachelor program tuition fee is free? can i chose any course? like i m science student but i want to chose Social Work …is it okey? IF yes den which University should i apply for this course?…i hope you will reply ASAP..

    1. There is not much bachelor program and you have to pay tuition fee too.Master’s Program are free. It doesn’t matter if you have done bachelor in science but you can do master in social work.For the course which you are interested its quite hard to say. You need to find the appropriate course by yourself. The easiest way to search from here

      1. sapana says:

        thank you so much bikram…its really fruitful for me..

  205. priz says:

    hey bro,u didn’t tell anything about property valuation or bank balance for applying in norway.

    1. No you donot need to show property evaluation or bank balance. After you will get acceptance letter you must send around 92K+ Nok to bank of Norway which will be informed by college via email.

  206. Nitish Kafle says:

    Hi Bikram,
    I am searching on my own, I know the risk of consultancy.. I am keen interested to apply for the bachelor’s degree in Norwegian Business School which offers English Bachelor program for International Students , and also accepts TOEFL score. I had my recent TOEFL exam and the score is 83 (satisfies the requirement).
    I want to ask you, if you have any suggestion for studying bachelor’s degree in Norway.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  207. binu says:

    Hi! I’ m binu
    I would like to know about the city Bergen, what type of city is it, can we find job easily there?

    If we study part time then how many hrs we can work ?

    1. Hi binu,
      Bergen is second highly poplulated place in Norway. There are many nepali students in University of Bergen. I think you can find job soon or later. The right to work is 20hrs a week.

    2. Hi binu,
      Bergen is second highly populated place in Norway. There
      are many Nepali students in University of Bergen. I think you can find
      job soon or later. The right to work is 20hrs a week.

  208. Haroon Khan says:

    Hi guys, I ve applied to Norwegian University of Life Sciences through


    but i wana apply to multiple universities through same email and it does not

    work for me. I can’t make new application because it says there is no available admissions.

    When i choose different university the same email and password dont work for me.

    How can I apply to multiple universities using one email?? help plzz

    1. You can apply for multiple universites. It may be because admission for 2014 is already close. The admission for 2015 will start probably at the end of November. So the universities will open the application on Soknadsweb after they announce admission. Just check regularly.

  209. Agüero Sergio says:

    I am Saroj gotame completed BBA (3.52 CGPA out of 4) (4years) 8 month ago. And just appeared IELTS exam (L7 R5.5 S6 W6 =overall 6). I went to some consultant but not satisfied from them.then I Google and found or site too. I was inspired to do all process by myself.then am I eligible ? I found my ielts score can create problems due to poor score in reading it was just 5.5.
    Now I am searching courses and colleges. and which place is appropriate to apply in terms of degree and for survival.

    1. I want to congratulate for completing Bachelor and IELTS. Now you can search the universities which are relevant for your program from site If you need further help. Let me know.

  210. sabin says:

    students le maximum kati hour kaam garna paucha…

  211. sabin says:

    i heard that norwegian university also has free education.and i have lots of relatives who went norway without any academic expenses.cann u xplain about it….

    1. May be they apply for asylum , Au-Pair , Job seeking or else. You should ask to them what type of visa do they have. I have only idea of applying student permit.And the maximum hours a student can work is 20 hrs in a week.

  212. bijay sharma says:

    can’t we do our 1 year of diploma course before master’s degree in Norway if we are of 3 year’s bachelor student..

    1. I am not sure on doing diploma to gather 4 years education including your bachelor. You can just send email now to the college which you want to apply. They will reply you back. This is the good idea.

  213. Suraj says:

    i have completed my BscIT from indian University and it is 3 years bachelor told that 3 years bachelors cannot apply for masters degree.But can i apply for post graduate course for 1 year and Masters level after that????

    1. I do not understand what you mean. But you need to have 4 years education after high school. If your bachelor is 3 years program, You can study one year master program in india and after that you can apply here in norway.

  214. deepak says:

    Sir what do you mean by 4yrs studies program after high school ? 3 years of bachelor degree is eligible for masters degree or not ?

    1. No You are not eligible !

    2. No You are not eligible !

  215. deepak says:

    Hello , i am doing my bba from Lucknow university ( India) of 3yrs. So, am i eligible to study masters in Norway ?

    1. You need to have 4 years of study after high school education to apply for master program.

  216. Neelam Basistha says:

    I am doing bsw 3rd year progarm and thining to go for msw in norway….what can i do to process it from now

    1. Hi Neelam. Is your bsw 4 year program or 3 year program ?

  217. Jeena Pokharel says:

    Hy, i am about to complete my bachelors in BSc.CSIT and I prefer to study further in norway whether it is MCS or any course related to IT .For this which university can be best option for me and in which state? And I would like to do part-time jobs over there what kind of jobs can be suitable to do there so that I will take trainings for that in my own country.

    1. Hi Jeena. Nice to know that you wish to study in Norway. I think there are multiple universities and university colleges. You try to find the appropriate subjects your own by going in this link:
      if you need further help you can send me message in the facebook page which you can find in this site right bar.

  218. abinash sapz says:

    hy bikram glad to meet u… I m studying engineering right now..I m planning for my
    masters at hydro in norway… plz tell me where should I apply

  219. Nikesh says:

    DId you say 96000 Krone. Around 15 lakh Nepali Rupees. Quite Expensive .. Does it cover University fees only or living cost too.. I heard education is for free in Norway..

  220. Shreyaj Poudel says:

    Hi.I am a Nepali student currently studying bachelors in design in india and i’m planning of continuing masters in Norway and i found several college to study in. So I wanted your help on working things out in proper manner and wanted to know the expenses of a normal nepali student there and yeah i’ll be self fianacing my studies .
    And Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you

  221. Abit K.C. says:

    I m Civil Engineer having Experience of 4 years.i want to come norway either for student or work I need to attempt IELTS

  222. Ankush says:

    -Statements of Purpose
    -Reference Letter from College Head
    -Reference Letter from Head Of Department

    can u expalain about each points..i didn;t understand these terms..

  223. Janesh Subedi says:

    Where we have to show those verified and attested copies of educational certificates. Are they needed for applying a visa or what??? Also, can u tell me more about the financial documents needed for a student visa. I do get an admission letter from BI Norwegian Business School for August session.

  224. Ronish Pradhan says:

    i have recently completed my masters degree in english. Now a days I prefer to go norway though i do not have language evaluation document as ielts, in such case can i try for Norway,or do you suggest better option for me, to go in absence of ielts.

    1. Are you trying to come as job seeker or student? If you are applying for student, you need to give ielts.

  225. surendra says:

    bro mero bba sakina lagyo aba 4 mnth ma sakincha ..i want to apply for MBA . As you know it is very hard pay for those universities without any job..katiko sakincha oslo ma job gardai padhna??plz help me .i need someone in oslo to get actual information.

    1. Ya it is easy to find work in oslo. You can apply. Best of luck.

  226. Navaraj Shrestha says:

    Hey bikram, good to see u informative, as i am planning to apply for norway university this august session. As i have BE in IT with 2 years pus experience and like to join for master… What would be the total expense during the apply process including three months stay ? Is the part-time job is ease on getting it and covers the cost of living ? ot rather try German ?

  227. talal says:

    hey bikram i am going to finish my bechlor degree in june 2014 and i want to apply for master in mechanical engineering….and now i am currently in china but i am from pakistan……so tell me where should i apply for master from china or pakistan…..tell me all datails from A TO Z and send me email on my email address…[email protected]……

  228. Tamang Shailesh says:

    hello, i am nepali student ,currently pursuing final year Student in civil Engineering from India.what i m planing to do after is to get degree on hydropower development.And i found that NTNU is the best option for me.but NTNU’s website doesnt provide full information regarding Admission,Scholarships,Procedures ETC..So i want to know what nepalese student should do to apply in NTNU with scholarships(QUOTA)??

    1. Sandeep Rai says:

      I also want to do M.Sc. in Hydropower Development in NTNU. I have read more about it in NTNU’s website and masterportals. Still I have some queries about it. I found you are sufficiently senior for me. It would have been easy for me if u had got admission there. Would you mind telling me whether you studied there or not? Can we talk by email?

  229. soxtox says:

    citizenship translation is done by notary lawyer not by keetabkhana. chetana bhaya

  230. suresh aryal says:

    Hlw bikram, we three of us friend have got acceptance letter from telemark university..Reading on above comments,we concluded that getting job in telemark is we decided for taking the flats nearby oslo..Then is it possible for us to manage college and work since college can be far from us..and what about the travelling cost from oslo to telemark? This problem need to be considered. Do u find our decision to be viable taking consideration of travelling cost of each day?

    1. Hi suresh, Congratulation for getting admission. In my opinion it is not wise to take flat in oslo. You should live around college premises. We have 5 days class in a week . It will be very hard to manage class for you if You wish to stay in oslo. Traveling cost is not a big problem . You can make travel card of a month. If You are thinking to come in Telemark University College , Please don’t come here. Till now there are some friends of mine who have not got part time job. But after completing course in good grades from here. There are so many opportunities in future.And Yes the big problem for us is to pay room rent.

      1. hellion007 says:

        i also got letter of acceptance from telemark university and i am planning to come there i wanna know that cant we make our living there without financial support from our parents?? is the situation that much tough??

        1. hellion007 says:

          I have got acceptance letter from narvik, telemark and NTNU. What you would suggest me?? where we can get jobs for making our living in norway without support from our home??

          1. You should go to NTNU. It is one of the finest universities of the world.

  231. Ikwueto Oliver says:

    Hi.. My name is Oliver, am a graduate of Industrial Physics from a Anambra State University, Nigeria. I want to do my MSc Geophysics in Norwegian university. please I need your help.

    what are the Institutions that are good in Geophysics MSc, How do I contact them, How do I apply, etc.

    Best Regards,

    Ikwueto Oliver
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    1. Thank you for your comment. The good universities can be found and sorted from the website . In this website you can pick up the desired university of your faculty. Try once and let me know.

      1. Ikwueto Oliver says:

        I have chosen University of Oslo (Uio), and please I would need your help base on the application process.

    2. Ikwueto Oliver says:

      I have chosen University of Oslo (UIO), I would need your help on the appliocation process.

      1. Ya I am ready to help you. Please let me know your problem

  232. deependra singh says:

    hi bikram… happy to find you in google search ‘nepali in prosgrunn’. my brother got accepted in telemark unviersity…. i was wondering about the possibility to get the job in prosgrunn….would be happy if you share some practicals related to staying and working in prosgrunn as a masters student…. thank you

    1. Porsgrunn is not a big and busy city. Finding part time job here is very much tough . If you are thinking to come here for earning rather than studying . You better try Oslo area. And Yes, the subject here in telemark university college is well .

  233. arjun bohara says:

    Master Study lai matra ho? i have completed my +2 this year, can i apply for bachelor level from this process?

    1. You need to complete 16 years of education to apply.

      1. Bikash adhikari says:

        Hey!! I have completed my bbs but couldnt complete MBS due to some reason however I have given both year exam of master.So, can I apply for master degree in Norway and is tofel is also acceptable ? Now I am working. So there is around 4year of gap from ma study. Can I still apply?

    2. Rajan Kumar Chharahang says:

      Bikram g,
      May you clear me about NO NEED of IELTS advertised for those candidates who have passed Master level in major English? I have not done any but I want to apply for Master level course. Is it right that I have read the ad.

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