School , Assignment, Break and Work. This is Fun !!!


Good Morning Ålesund , NorwayThe Day is Friday ! My day started with this mind-blowing capture. And I guess how the day is going to be exciting. Quickly I prepared for myself and moved to the school. Currently, we were on course “ Game Based Simulation” and on Assignment 3. We were given to do small project on simulation based Monte Carlo. I selected Foxes and Rabbit project for this course. Until 11 I was busy on the assignment. We had a lunch break around 11 for approximately one hour. I went to the work in this break time. The work was approximately of 3 hours for alone. I was picked up by my job mate. We drove to the work which is near to my school.We started and managed to finish work with 45 minutes.I came back to school and I found that my other friends were waiting in outside the lounge. I sent message to my job mate that “ We were so quick. Break is not yet finished yet :) “ . And she replied “ Great :) break not finished and we finished work .“ After some time teacher arrived and started working on Assignment. Around 2.30 pm , my job mate sent me message again that she need my help for work again. She told me that she will pick me up are 3.20 pm. I left the class at 3.04 pm. and quickly moved to my place and put some chocolates and yogurt to energize. She came and we moved towards . Around 530 pm, we finished the work and came back to my place by public bus.I prepared two pølse brød and a glass of cold drink. I stayed with my PC for around 2-3 hrs. Then I went to Kitchen for dinner. After dinner was very normal as other day. It was end of Month, so I was busy with Excel for some hours. I put one movie and prepared to sleep.

*Is this the life of international student in abroad.? *