Upcoming Nepal Bandh List in 2068 leaked


Bandha word itself is made for our country only.It doesn’t seems to be compatible with America/U.K/Australia Bandha Ha ha ..Its funny doesn’t it ? Definitely it sounds better only for “Nepal Bandha“ .There is long list of Bandha in this Jestha. The bandha is scheduled because of the due of Sambhidhan. The long list of Program is here.:

Updated Information Up-Coming Protest Programmes and Events. As of 1500 hrs. 18 May 2011

Kshetri Samaj Nepal has announced the following programmes:(1) 21 May Torch Rally in the evening; (2) 22 and 23 May Kathmandu Valley Bandh; (3) 27 May Eastern Region Bandh (strike) and Sit-in-protest at Western Gate of CA building. (4) 28 May Kathmandu Valley Bandh In a press meet organised in Kathmandu, the UML-affiliated Youth Force announced the following protest programmes: (1) 19 May Stage a protest in front of the CA hall; (2) 26 May Public gatherings in the main cities of the country (3) 28 May siege the CA hall Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) has announced the following programmes: (1) 19 May Mass Meeting in Kathmandu (2) 23 May Picket the CA building for two hours (3) 24 May Torch Rally in Kathmandu Indigenous Nationalities’ Movement National Front Nepal has announced the following protest programme in Kathmandu valley:

(1) 23 May (2) 25 May (3) 26-28 May: Sit-in-protest in front of party offices of major political parties; Rallies from different corners of the Valley which will later converge into mass meeting at Naya Baneshowr (in front of CA Hall). Sit-in-protest in front of Constitution Assembly Hall (ICC), Naya Baneshowr.

20 May: Nepali Congress (NC) has planned for mass gathering in Kathmandu.