[Solved]Ubuntu 11.04 not booting from Cd/USB in MSI


ubuntu 11.04 not booting from cd usb I am a big fan of Ubuntu ,open source operating System. I was running 10.04 in my MSI CR400 .Ubuntu 10.04 runs successfully in my machine. By the release of ubuntu 11.04 , I became crazy for its look. It looks drive me to install instantly from the very day of release.I downloaded ubuntu 11.04 iso from here. I burn it in blank cd. While I boot up I failed to boot Ubuntu 11.04 from live cd. Only My Msi stuck in ubuntu logo for more than hours . I kept on searching for its solution but couldn’t get satisfied solution. I rebooted my machine from USB too but it stuck at the same location. Finally I thought to upgrade my ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 11.04 natty directly from INTERNET. It took me more than 2 hours for the complete install. Finally Now Ubuntu 11.04 is with me. It looks pretty much cool. After this step you can create your own running system Iso with remastersys tool. For how to use click here.