What to do in first date with a Girl ?


Here are the list What Boys should do in his first date with a girl. These list are prepared by myself with my recent experience and taking some points with close friends(girl). This might be very much helpful and can even change your relationship.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Making Love

Gifts Gifts on your first day is great decision. I recommend you must give gift either cheap or expensive. This is main thing she will keep in the mind for next time . You can offer dolls,t shirt and else what ever you think appropriate depending upon her interest.

Time Never Be late . Be there on time at the pickup location.Don’t ever hurry to wrap up the date. Just wait for the signal from your partner. Drop her to home.

Location Location is another great matter for your first date.Quit thinking of taking your partner to movie if this is your first date.Initially , there might be silence between each other. So ,take her where is not much silent environment . In this way you can easily crack jokes depending upon the environment.Public Park will be much better.

Personal Manners If you are going date with bike,car or public vehicle. You should be care of your manners which plays direct impact upon her mind.You can open your door of car by yourself for her and can help to get into bus or you bike.

Paying Bills You should be very much concern on this.Just Forget splitting the bill . Whether your partner suggests paying , don’t accept the offer.

Respect Just respect her during your whole date. Don’t expect too much from her. It is not necessary to hold her hand and arms. It depends upon her way of interacting. Don’t go ahead yourself to these type of activities.You can give kiss while depart.

Conversation Never explore about your past girlfriend. This may hurt to her.You can talk about your funny activities with your friends in colleges,schools and other you have.Keeping quite may harm in relationship. Don’t ever expect for topic from her. Start by yourself always if she kept silence. Dress Dress up yourself appropriate . Go like Smart. Do not dress up like mess and try wearing clear color and put some perfumes . Mobile I prefer to keep your mobile in silence mode.The frequent call or miscall may be irritating her. don’t be too much shy and nervous to act or ask question with her. - Give your full attention to her activities and talk. Try to react or answer her quickly. Some delay on answering her question might may feel bore her. What to do in first date with a Girl ?