Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra 2011 Photos/ Videos

These photos are taken on the last day of year 2067 B.S.Venue is around Yosin Khel, where Yosing (Lingo) is erected to welcome the new year of Nepali Sambat.This day in Bhaktapur is celebrated by erecting Yosin (Lingo).The function starts at the eve by pulling down the holy chariot of Bhairav Nath from Gahiti to Yosin Khel.How the funtions begins have a look over the images.

Nakinju Khacha

Its Chariot called “Nakinju Khacha “.First It needs to be pulled down toward the arenea of Yosin Khel From Gahiti,previously placed.

INepal Police Band performing in Bisket Jatra

Nepal Police Playing different tunes before the Bhairav Nath Rath is take down to Yosin Khel.Generally they used to play nepali Folk songs but in this year I heard some Indians tunes like Sheela KI Jawani Also.

Making Lingo Hand


Bisket Jatra Lingo Preparation

Local People From Guthi Preparing Hand and Halin Pata of Yosin.


Bisket Jatra Lingo

After Preparing Blue Colored Hand of Yosin Lying Down on t ground.

Bhairav Nath Rath On Way To Yosing Khel

Local People eagerly waiting for the BhairavĀ  Rath from Gahiti Tole of Bhaktapur.

People From Abroad on Bisket Jatra

Foreign People waiting for Lingo to erect.

People Mass on Bisket Jatra

Local People Mass on Yosin Khel.

Raining Starts at Eve

Local People Mass on Yosin Khel waiting for Bhairav Rath arrive.


People Eagerly Waiting For Bhairav Rath


Bhadrakali during Bisket Jatra

BhadraKali Temple behind the hole where lingo is erect.

People waiting for bhairav rath

Just arrive Bhairav Nath Rath.

Bhairav Nath Rath Pulling

Bhairav Nath just came down from Gahiti.

Bhairav Nath Rath

This is Bhairav Nath showing face at the moment coming down from Gahiti.

Bhairav Nath Rath Coming From Gahiti

Close Up Picture taken using Zoom of my Phone.Its not much Clear.

Bhairav Rath Down to Yosin Khel

Bhairav Nath Rath.

Lets watch Video how it was brought down to Yosin Khel.

Bhairav Nath Rath Finally at Yosin Khel

After Coming down from Gahiti . It will be here in the same place until Lingo is fully erected.


Bhairav Nath Rath at Yosin Khel Premises

Front View of Bhairav Nath Rath.

Hole Where Yosin is Erected

Hole where lingo’s feet is Placed.

Lingo or Yosin pulling

Pulling of Lingo Begins.

Yosin Pulled For erecting on Pole

Yosin on Yosin Khel

Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra Yosin

Half Erected Yosin Biska Jatra

Half erected Yosin.

Fully Erected Yosin  at Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra 2068

In this way Yosin is erected in yosin Khel during Bisket Jatra.

Yosin at Yosin Khel Bhaktapur

Closer View of Yosin

Closer View of Yosin.

Click on the video to watch how yosin or lingo is erected.

After Yosin is erected local people climb to reach at the top of the pole. This year the time was around 7.15pm when it was erected. It didnot take much time for this year to erect. It took around 10-15 mins. Its might be cause of short length.I will be post the video in my next post.

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