Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra on Baisakh 1st of 2068 Photos /Videos

This is the beginning of the New Year Bikram Sambat 2068.In Bhaktpur New year is celebrated by worshiping Bhairav Nath Rath and other power goddess. The very day Lingo or Yosin is made fall down on the ground which was erected at the eve of New Year.The Yosin is made fall down at the eve of Baisakh 1st.These are the photos I have taken in the new year which I would like to share among you .

Bhaktapur Lingo Bhairav Nath Rath and Bhadrakali on new year

Bisket Jatra of Bhaktapur 1st of BaisakhBhaktapur Bisket Jatra Lingo


Yosin at Yosin Khel


Yosin at Bisket Jatra

Yosin Khel at 1st of Baisakh

All above Photos are before Yosin was made fallen down.

After Yosin fallen down.

Bhairav Rath after Yosin is down on the Ground

Beautiful Bhairav Nath Rath

Bhairav Nath Chariot

The Above Pictures were shot after the lingo was down on the ground.

Here how lingo is made fall down on the ground.

If you want the above pictures in HQ contact me.

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