This Ends Bisket Jatra 2068 in Bhaktapur Photos

This ends the bisket jatra of Bhaktapur of Year 2068.The pictures were of 5th of Baisakh.The jatra is ended by pulling the Bhairav Rath as in the beggining. The power group of upper and lower tried to take the chariot in their place.In this year there was conflict between two powers,so stone throwing were occured at the late night. Few were injured.

Nyatapola Temple last day of Bisket Jatra

Nyatapola Temple Last Day of Bisket Jatra

Nyatapola Temple and People participation.

Taumadhi Area

Bhairav Temple at Last day of Bisket Jatra

Mass of People present during the end day of Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra.

Bhairav rath infront of Cafe


Bhailakha or Bhairav Rath

Broken Faced Bhairav Chariot

Totally Broken Bhairav Nath Rath.(Bhailakha in local term)

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  2. Thank you brother. I appreciate your generosity.

  3. Nice pictures! Would you mind If I want to use few of them on my website?

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      You can use Freely bro. Spread over the world.

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