How to install wpscan on Ubuntu 11.04,11.10,12.04

Wpscan is wordpress vulnerability , very useful tool to check your wordpress security written on Ruby.WPScan can common security vulnerabilitie also it can list all plugins used by a website hosting WordPress.

WPScan ubuntu









WPScan Installation Steps:

It can be install on Ubuntu older version also.But this is tested on 12.04(beta)/11.10/11.04 .

sudo apt-get install rails
sudo apt-get install gem
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libopenssl-ruby
sudo gem install typhoeus xml-simple
sudo apt-get install subversion
gem install –user-install typhoeus

Now Your System is ready to install Wpscan.

svn checkout ./wpscan

It is downloaded in your current path.

To go WPScan folder Simply type cd wpscan

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4 comments on “How to install wpscan on Ubuntu 11.04,11.10,12.04”

  1. Guest says:

    when I try to install typhoeus with “gem install -user-install typhoeus” I always got this error:

    ERROR: While executing gem … (OptionParser::InvalidArgument)
    invalid argument: -ser-install

    I did a mistake obviously, can’t see where ….

  2. Jasper Frumau says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. One question. Has this setup been tested with the latest WP Scan that requires Ruby 1.9.1 ?

      1. Jasper Frumau says:

        It does. I installed RoR following . Then I used your tutorial, but I did not use sudo for the gem packages and installed only the ones I was missing. I did not need to install the -user-install typhoeus. The regular one did just fine.

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