Top 10 Must have Best Applications for Ubuntu 12.04 (beginners)

ubuntu-12.04 precise pangolinThese are my top 10 best applications which I installed in my Ubuntu Machine 12.04 after fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu Restricted Extras’ Packages

apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Vlc player

apt-get install vlc


apt-get install filezilla


apt-get install pidgin


sudo tasksel Then choose Lamp-Server from dialogue box


apt-get install gimp

Vim Editor

apt-get install vim-nox


apt-get install multiget


apt-get install geany


apt-get install deluge



7 comments on “Top 10 Must have Best Applications for Ubuntu 12.04 (beginners)”

  1. Aaron Wolf says:

    This is a ridiculous list. Beginners want two different text editors? Beginners need FTP programs? It all depends on what someone actually is doing with their computer. This makes so many assumptions and doesn’t explain them at all.

    1. It is my own perspective. I think these are good for beginners . It depends upon the level of beginner.Anyways thanks for your comment

  2. Dan says:

    Vim editor?? For beginners??? 

  3. Corbyn says:

    So, yeah… Thanks for letting us know what these applications actually do.

    1. Zshahid says:

       😀 hahaha

    2.  You can google a little bit .

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