List of Norwegian Universities / University Colleges For Master Study

Previously ,I wrote the article on How can you apply for the master program in Norway by yourself without consultancy. Now I thought to give the list of Norwegian Universities and University Colleges (State university) which offer Master program in different faculty for free tuition fee.

I have prepare the list in which you can download from here.

After you are interested in subject from any university , you need to apply online. Generally online applications should be applied from Soknadsweb ( .Then you will see a drop down menu from where you can select your desired university. Some colleges are not included in this list. If the college which you want to apply is not listed in drop down menu , Just Google for that. For example NMBU is not listed. Keyword ” NMBU Soknadsweb “.

You can start applying from the beginning of November.


List of university / University Colleges of Norway for Master

Read the article on How to apply for Master program in Norway.

Sample of Motivation Letter

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16 comments on “List of Norwegian Universities / University Colleges For Master Study”

  1. ashik tiwari says:

    actually now I have complete 4th year bsc in microbiology so I.want to further study abroad how can I apply ?? please give me suggestion

  2. sudhanshu sharma says:

    Hello bikram sir.. i have passed 4 yrs Bbs from TU with 50% overall. Am I eligilbe to study in norway? Plz reply me as sson as possible.

  3. Arun Thapa says:

    You need to have 16 years of schooling in total. If you have 3 years of qualification then you are required 1 year of qualification in masters.That is what i understood from soure .

  4. Rita says:

    I als want to apply bt I hv 3yrs bba in major eng nd bsw I cn apply fo master?

  5. bkz says:

    hey Birkam great article read your other articles too thanks for writing … i have a question though about the job while studying there and job opportunities after completing the study.

  6. bhandari subash says:

    what about job after study? and abt PR?

  7. Sina Shrestha says:

    Students are allowed to have a part time job?

  8. Sushmita Kafle says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Sushmita Kafle from Birganj,Nepal. I have completed my bachelor in BBA from Tribhuvan University.I want to study my further in norway and I have one more queries can I apply for dependent?
    Please help me out.

    1. Ofcourse you can apply for dependent. But first you need to step in Norway.

  9. Sushmita Kafle says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Sushmita Kafle from Nepal. I have completed my bachelor in BBA from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. I want to have my further study from Norway.
    I have one queries also; can I apply for dependent?
    please help me out and I hope I’ll get a positive response form you.
    Thank you

  10. bivek Joshi says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Im Bivek Joshi citizen of Nepal. I have completed my Bachelor of computer engineering (BE-Computer) obtaining 2.48 CGPA (out of 4) in 2009 AD.
    Now i work in one of A-grade commercial bank in nepal in IT dept.
    Now i want to apply for Master degree in Norway.
    Plz help me how can i apply for Master degree (ME or MIT) in Norway.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Bivek Joshi

  11. Sabin Lakhe says:

    please send me the information about the scholarship scheme for master Degree in Engineering,water resources in Norwegian universities.

  12. Prabesh Thapa says:

    I have completed my BE in Civil from India recently.I want to pursue my Masters degree in Structural Engineering.I want to know about how to get the government scholarship of Norway.

  13. Surya Prajapati says:

    oh Bikram broda, m also searching to study in scandinavia. Civil engineering/construction technology/structural enginnering

  14. Furtengi sherpa says:

    I do have hidden plan to be good hotelier and have been continieuing my higher diploma since 2012 so soon i am completing my higher diploma .. Though i do have a deep wish to good hotelier i am planely blind how should i approach to have student visa for the further study … I wish i could grow under the practice and learning environment of norway university and hold master degree and be a good hotelier … Looking to have some benefitial word from some senior and some true advice ..

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