Nepali Students in Norway Celebrated Dashain

Dashain is biggest,loudest and wildest festival of Nepal. Everyone love Dashain.  People from all overseas  go back to Nepal to be blessed in this festival. In abroad also, Nepali  never miss to celebrate dashain in their own way in abroad also.

In Norway also , we group of Nepali Students celebrated our Dashain in own way. Currently , we are residing in Porsgrunn of county Telemark and here we are about 20 + Nepalese. This year we celbrated dashain on dasami day i.e. on 24th of October. Though we could not have any tikas on our forehead , we missed Nepal and enjoyed in our way. Although, this is nepali festival we have very good friends from Sri lanka , China,India ,Bangladesh and Iran who joined our event. It was light rain wind harsh windy day we went to market to collect items for party. The party started from evening to till morning :-).

Nepali Students in Norway

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