[Solved] Remastersys auto login problem


remastersys ubuntu problemIf you are using Remastersys you might have faced strange problem on login.It is bug of Remastersys for some of the distro not able to make live cd with auto login to desktop.After creating my own distro by Remastersys my customized iso was not unable to boot in desktop in live cd mode.Every thing works perfectly except my cd does not take me to desktop when I select Live CD mode while it was booting.My customized distro was ubuntu 10.04. At boot it request for username in login screen when I put username as “custom” and press enter button with blank screen it takes me to the desktop. But it is tedious to work on such ISO. I then search for its solution on the web.I got preetty easy solution to bypass the step at username required of my customized Iso. I changed the following line of code and works perfectly. First i opened my tty1 file in terminal using my favourite gedit editor. For example: gedit /etc/init/tty1.conf Then modify the line which contain your username same as below: exec /bin/login -f bikramkawan < /dev/tty1 > /dev/tty1 2>&1 [*bikramkawan is username of my ubuntu machine login username replace it with your login username] After doing this your customized iso must be bypass your username login screen. It means you system must be auto login to your desktop mode. If you are getting problem on installing remastersys on your ubuntu click here.